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Grover first began making guitar and banjo machine heads in the late 1800's then expanded into wider production of tuners for bass guitar, pedal steel, mandolin, dulcimer, ukulele and violin. Grover made the world's first enclosed, permanently lubricated machine head. Today, their expanded product line includes a wide assortment of guitar accessories for upgrading and repair and features several new items.

Graph Tech

The GraphTech brand was founded by Dave Dunwoodie. As a guitarist Dunwoodie was troubled by string binding on traditional guitar nuts.

"I went to do my first big “wang” and went totally out of tune" Dave says. "I couldn't use the guitar for stage work at all".

Dave began experimenting with a variety of composite guitar nuts designed to eliminate string binding before engineering the world’s first self-lubricating nut, a formula that is 500% slipperier than graphite.

Seymour Duncan

Seymour W. Duncan founded his guitar pickup making company in 1978, in Santa Barbera. California. Born in New Jersey in 1951, Seymour moved to London in the late 1960s. While working at  Repair and R&D Departments at the Fender Soundhouse in London he repaired and rewound pickups for English guitar players including Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, and Peter Frampton. On founding his company Duncan initially offered custom Stratocaster, Telecaster, and humbucking pickups. The product line has expanded over the years to a wide variety of electric, bass, and acoustic guitar pickups; guitar effects pedals and guitar accessories.

Source: Seymour Duncan website (17 June 2022)

Phantom Guitarworks

Jack Charles, founded Phantom Guitarworks in the early 1990s in Clatskanie, Oregon to make versions of the Vox Phantom guitar, as well as the Vox Teardrop (Phantom III / Mark VI) and MandoGuitar. All are hand assembled in the United States of America with foreign and domestic parts, hand-wired with silver solder, and all of the pickups and hardware used are proprietary, to replicate the look and feel, of the original 1960's Vox instruments.

Source: Phantom Guitarworks website (2 February 2019)


Paul Reed Smith Guitars (PRS Guitars) was founded in 1985 in Annapolis, Maryland by Paul Reed Smith. Smith started building guitars while still in college and soon decided to make it his career. In the early days he was making around 1 guitar a month. He would hanging out at the local concert venues and talk his way backstage to to show his guitars to the touring musicians. He would occasionally make a sale this way: Carlos Santana, Al Di Meola, Howard Leese, and other well known players agreed to try out his guitars. After getting some success with orders for more than 50 guitars, he made two prototypes and took them on the road to demo to East Coast guitar dealers. This generated enough orders for him to start his company.

LR Baggs

L.R. Baggs was founded by Lloyd Baggs who started out In 1973 by buying, modifying, refinishing, retuning and then returning old Gibsons and Washburns - this led to L.R. Baggs fine-handmade-guitar-and-guitar-repair business being  launched. After Lloyd finished his first guitar in a Berkeley, California garage, he took it to his guitar idol, Ry Cooder, and received his first commission. Lloyd's list of customers for his L.R. Baggs Handmade Guitar included Jackson Browne, Janis Ian, Graham Nash and two instruments went to Ry Cooder. The guitar featured on Cooder's "Jazz" album is an L.R. Baggs Handmade Guitar.


Forbidden Fruit Guitars is owned and operated by Paul Norman. Paul worked as a finish carpenter, an architect, an actor, a theater technician, a theatrical scene designer and software engineer before studying guitar making with Al Carruth. Forbidden Fruit offers a 12-string resonator guitar which can cut through the noise of even the loudest bar room. Also offers custom carbon fiber biscuit bridges.

Source: Forbidden Fruit Guitars website (19 May 2017)


Floyd Rose invented the locking tremolo system in 1976. A series of artist endorsements, most notably Eddie Van Halen, led to commercial success and the Floyd Rose tremolo was patented and mass-manufactured with Kramer.As of 2005, distribution of the Floyd Rose Original reverted to Floyd Rose, while the patented designs are still licensed to other manufacturers for use.  The Floyd Rose brand exists now as a division of AP International, under the direction of Andrew Papiccio, former Vice President of Kramer guitars. AP has been dealing with the manufacture, distribution, sales and marketing of musical instruments and accessories on a global scale for over 30 years.


The company was founded by Leo Fender as Fender's Radio Service in late 1938 in Fullerton, California, USA. While repairing musical instrument amplifiers in his electronics workshop he noticed their design flaws. He began making a few amplifiers using his own designs or modifications to designs. By the early 1940s, he had teamed up with another local electronics enthusiast named Clayton Orr (Doc) Kauffman, and they formed a company named K & F Manufacturing Corp. to design, manufacture, and sell electric instruments and amplifiers. Production began in 1945 with Hawaiian lap steel guitars (incorporating a patented pickup) and amplifiers, which were sold as sets. Leo Fender decided to concentrate on manufacturing rather than repair. Kauffman remained unconvinced, however, and they had amicably parted ways by early 1946. At that point Leo renamed the company the Fender Electric Instrument Company.


Eyb guitars is the brandname used by German luthier Gunter Eyb. Eyb makes electric guitars, basses and electric sitars. The bridges used in the sitars are also available separately as well as Eyb's own pickup selector Megaswitch.


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