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Göldo has its origins in 1978 when German guitar designer Dieter Gölsdorf created Rockinger Guitars as a parts sales company. He then launched the guitar brand Duesenberg in 1986 and Formentera Guitars in 1987.  In 1991 internal differences led to a sale of Formentera shares and change of ownership at Rockinger. The Göldo was launched in 1991 as company focused on wholesale, production, import, distribution and export of its own and outsourced components to dealers and guitar manufacturers. Göldo is a wholesaler only and does not sell directly to customers.

Source: Göldo website (28 June 2019)


The Schaller Company started out as a radio repair shop founded by Helmut Schaller in 1945. Helmut Schaller was a talented inventor holding numerous musical instrument related patents,  and he went on to build the Schaller Company into a leading manufacturer of quality guitar components.The range of products has continuously changed over time, the focus gradually shifting from amplifiers and effects to hardware components including machine heads, mutes, bows, pickups, tailpieces, strap-locks, bridges and tremolos. Schaller was originally located in Feucht, near Nuremberg in Germany but is now based in Postbauer-Heng, Bavaria.


Georg Walther founded GEWA in 1925 in Adorf , Saxony, Germany an area with a long tradition of musical instrument manufacture, In the 1950s the company moved to another famous luthiery region - Mittenwald, Bavaria in the aftermath of World War II. Political changes with the reunification of Germany saw GEWA move their headquarters back to Adorf by 2010. Today, the GEWA company has subsidiaries in all important export markets but also holds substantial shares in Asian musical instruments factories. Circa 2017, GEWA GmbH employed more than 250 qualified members of staff in the areas of production, product management, sales, purchasing, administration, accounting, marketing and logistics.


Larel Rexford Bogue (Rex Bogue) was born in 1951 and raised in San Gabriel, California. He played in bands while growing up, rubbing shoulders with Zappa's Mothers of Invention. Bogue studied at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia and displayed a talent for music technology and electronics. Bogue experimented with lasers and was a pioneer of the  live music laser show. He moved on to building innovative guitars: and was one of the early users of active pre-amps in guitars. In 1972 he approached John McLaughlin with a proposal to build him a guitar. This instrument was to become John McLaughlin's iconic Double Rainbow 6/12 double neck.  At the time Rex was apprenticing in Ren Ferguson's Venice Beach shop. Ferguson made the guitar and Rex did the electronics. According to Ferguson:


Heiko Hoepfinger started experimenting with instrument making in 1992, in his spare time while a PhD thesis in the back of a private appartement, completing his the first instrument in 1993. This first instrument was a one piece, completely hollow and lightweight, just like today's BassLab instruments. Heiko uses a composite material to make a strong one piece structure, or hollow shell, so the body and neck are one piece. BassLabs first official launch was at the 2001 Frankfurt Musikmesse and since they have improved and expanded their offering which now boasts four bass and four guitar standard models (circa 2016). BassLabs are also developing other stringed instruments and offer some electronics products (like preamps) in cooperation with Richter electronics.




Established in 1983 HOSCO (Hosokawa and Co.) are mainly a distributor, but they also create original musical instrument related products for factories, distributors and repairmen.

HyperMod Strat Pickguard Left-handed

HyperMod Pickguard with 6 selector switches

[PRESS RELEASE] AweSome Musical Instruments have just released the Hyper-Mod(TM) Stratocaster Left-Hand pickguards, containing their patented Pickup Tone MultiplierTM (PTM) switching system. The traditional three-or-five position pickup selector switch is replaced by a row of six switches, letting you get 30 separate pickup tones.  These PTM-Enhanced SSS pickguards come in 3-ply colors (white, black, white pearloid, brown tortoise) and are made to fit a standard American left-hand Stratocaster body.

Experimental Musical Instruments

Experimental Musical Instruments is an online resource for people who want to make unusual musical instruments. They have how-tos on instrument making, as well as books and CDs featuring the work of experimental instrument makers. Also they have back issues of the Experimental Musical Instruments quarterly journal.

They sell supplies for the experimental instrument builder:  pickups, tuning keys, zither pins, fretwire, and other specialized hardware for makers. They sell piezo transducers, and piezo film if you want to make your own.

Rescue a guitar from the trash


This abused Peavey Predator strat copy was found on the curb, buried in snow. It had no electrics or pick guard and the paint was all stripped off. The body was also cracked in the bridge area.

This guide shows how this basket case was brought back form the brink, with a new paint job and electronics. It is a good lesson in recycling rather than throwing stuff away.

Link: Peavey predator trash resurrection

Graph Tech

The GraphTech brand was founded by Dave Dunwoodie. As a guitarist Dunwoodie was troubled by string binding on traditional guitar nuts.

"I went to do my first big “wang” and went totally out of tune" Dave says. "I couldn't use the guitar for stage work at all".

Dave began experimenting with a variety of composite guitar nuts designed to eliminate string binding before engineering the world’s first self-lubricating nut, a formula that is 500% slipperier than graphite.


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