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Göldo has its origins in 1978 when German guitar designer Dieter Gölsdorf created Rockinger Guitars as a parts sales company. He then launched the guitar brand Duesenberg in 1986 and Formentera Guitars in 1987.  In 1991 internal differences led to a sale of Formentera shares and change of ownership at Rockinger. The Göldo was launched in 1991 as company focused on wholesale, production, import, distribution and export of its own and outsourced components to dealers and guitar manufacturers. Göldo is a wholesaler only and does not sell directly to customers.

Source: Göldo website (28 June 2019)


Georg Walther founded GEWA in 1925 in Adorf , Saxony, Germany an area with a long tradition of musical instrument manufacture, In the 1950s the company moved to another famous luthiery region - Mittenwald, Bavaria in the aftermath of World War II. Political changes with the reunification of Germany saw GEWA move their headquarters back to Adorf by 2010. Today, the GEWA company has subsidiaries in all important export markets but also holds substantial shares in Asian musical instruments factories. Circa 2017, GEWA GmbH employed more than 250 qualified members of staff in the areas of production, product management, sales, purchasing, administration, accounting, marketing and logistics.


Established in 1983 HOSCO (Hosokawa and Co.) are mainly a distributor, but they also create original musical instrument related products for factories, distributors and repairmen.


The D'Andrea company was founded in 1922 by Luigi D'Andrea in New York, who started out by making mandolin and guitar picks out of tortoise shell colored cellulose nitrate plastic. While guitar picks are still the mainstay of D'Andrea, they now offer a range of guitar parts and accessories as well as KSD basses.

HyperMod Strat Pickguard Left-handed

HyperMod Pickguard with 6 selector switches

[PRESS RELEASE] AweSome Musical Instruments have just released the Hyper-Mod(TM) Stratocaster Left-Hand pickguards, containing their patented Pickup Tone MultiplierTM (PTM) switching system. The traditional three-or-five position pickup selector switch is replaced by a row of six switches, letting you get 30 separate pickup tones.  These PTM-Enhanced SSS pickguards come in 3-ply colors (white, black, white pearloid, brown tortoise) and are made to fit a standard American left-hand Stratocaster body.


Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug founded Taylor Guitars in 1974 and by 2017 it was a leading global builder of premium acoustic guitars with over 900 people producing hundreds of guitars per day in its state-of-the-art factory complexes in both El Cajon and in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico.

Taylor is renowned for using modern, innovative manufacturing techniques. The company was a pioneer in the use of CNC mills, lasers and other high-tech tools and proprietary machinery for acoustic guitar manufacture. Among the company’s many innovations are its patented Taylor Neck; the Expression System® 2 (ES2) pickup; and the T5 a hybrid acoustic and electric guitar.

In addition to its forward-thinking approach to guitar design and manufacturing, Taylor is dedicated to the pursuit of best practices in forest management, new models of reforestation, and using only ethically harvested tonewoods.

Seymour Duncan

Seymour W. Duncan founded his guitar pickup making company in 1978, in Santa Barbera. California. Born in New Jersey in 1951, Seymour moved to London in the late 1960s. While working at  Repair and R&D Departments at the Fender Soundhouse in London he repaired and rewound pickups for English guitar players including Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, and Peter Frampton. On founding his company Duncan initially offered custom Stratocaster, Telecaster, and humbucking pickups. The product line has expanded over the years to a wide variety of electric, bass, and acoustic guitar pickups; guitar effects pedals and guitar accessories.

Source: Seymour Duncan website (17 June 2022)

Phantom Guitarworks

Jack Charles, founded Phantom Guitarworks in the early 1990s in Clatskanie, Oregon to make versions of the Vox Phantom guitar, as well as the Vox Teardrop (Phantom III / Mark VI) and MandoGuitar. All are hand assembled in the United States of America with foreign and domestic parts, hand-wired with silver solder, and all of the pickups and hardware used are proprietary, to replicate the look and feel, of the original 1960's Vox instruments.

Source: Phantom Guitarworks website (2 February 2019)


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