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Musicorp is a leading American wholesale distributor of musical instruments, accessories and lighting equipment owned by the Kaman Music Corporation (KMC Music, Inc). Musicorp owns other brands such as Barcus-Berry, J.B. Player, J. Reynolds, Percussion Plus, Stageline, MBT Cases, Arbor Guitars, Amigo, Lauren and MBT Lighting & Sound. Musicorp also partners with international brands such as Yamaha portable keyboards and guitars, Dean Guitars, Remo Crown Percussion, Samson, Zoom, Hartke and Luna Guitars in exclusive distribution arrangements.

CNC Winder - Control System



My CNC winder needs 2 stepper motor drivers: the original Egg-bot has an integrated EiBotBoard which can easily control 2 stepper motors (plus lots of servos). But in initial tests I was unable to get the EiBotBoard from my Egg-Bot to spin the motors fast enough, and I also wanted to use limit switches and wire-break and emergency stop switches. I'm sure the EiBotBoard could accomplish all this, but I would need to reprogram its firmware (an interesting project but I'd like to finish this one first!).

Ormsby Guitars

Multi award winning luthier, Perry Ormsby, has been manufacturing his custom hand-made instruments in Perth for over seven years. Located in Beaconsfield, just south of sunny Fremantle, Ormsby Guitars is a local success story, striving forward despite the global downturn. All instruments are custom made from a variety of exotic and Australian timbers, their own hand wound pickups, and top shelf hardware.

Classic Amplificaton

Classic Amplification (TM) is an enterprise run by Brad Burt (Burt Systems LLC) offering guitar/amplifier custom builds and repairs. Brad also makes, repairs and rewinds pickups and guitar electronics.  Classic Amplification (TM) is a registered trademark of Brad Burt / Burt Systems LLC and the concept of "classic" (being an outstanding exemplar) as applied to the genre of amplification is copyright Burt Systems LLC all rights reserved. Guitar-list is not affiliated with either of these entities in any way.

Mansons MBK3 pickups

 Mansons MBK 3 pickups

[Press Release]. Mansons Guitar Shop and UK custom pickup manufacturers, Bare Knuckle, have collaborated on a set of unique pickups aimed at the contemporary player that seeks tight tone, huge bass response and powerful output.

With more kick than the existing MBK-1 and MBK-2 pickup sets, as featured on the company’s custom guitars and used by artists such as Matthew Bellamy and Josh Homme, the new Manson MBK-3 pickup sets feature a tech spec to delight the player to whom the word ‘d-jent’ needs no further explanation.

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Manson Guitar Works has been making custom guitars and accessories for over 30 years and is known for its reputation for innovation and quality. They have a number of high profile clients, which include Dave Grohl, Jethro Tull, Stereophonics, Biffy Clyro, The Stranglers and many more. They famously make signature guitars for Matt Bellamy of Muse as well as John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.

Cryogenic Pickups

Cryogenic freezing

Some audiophiles believe that cryogenic freezing of their audio equipment somehow improves the sound.  New-age audio inventor and pseudo-scientist Peter Belt (of PWB Electronics) claimed that cryogenic freezing of CDs provides 'friendly', 'relaxing' energy patterns, making them sound better. However it is well known that cryogenic freezing of metal affects its crystalline structure and can improve its durability (as used in Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings and banjo tone rings).

Ted Crocker

Ted Crocker builds guitars and other musician gear, with a rustic design ethic Ted Crocker gear has instant mojo.  Crocker made the Honey-Dripper guitar featured in the blues movie Honeydripper.  The design brief was a handmade guitar neck nailed to a plank with strange wires. Crocker hand made the odd pickups, guitar and hardware, keeping in mind that it had to be an instrument up to the task of recording a movie soundtrack in a 21st century studio and surviving a movie set and location shoot. 

EMG factory tour

Premier Guitar's Brett Petrusek is on Location in Santa Rosa, CA, where he visits the EMG Inc. pickup factory factory. In the first clip, we get to check out where the molds, housing and electrical boards are constructed for EMG pickups. The second clip shows some coils wound, the finished casing products for the pups and the extensive quality care control that EMG uses for every pickup produced.

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Record player pickup winder and unwinder

Record player pickup winder

This is a home made pickup unwinder made by Bill Crozier, after he was unsatisfied with the sound of his Tex Mex pickup. He designed a pickup unwinder to unwind the pickup wire onto a reel, and then used the same setup to scatter rewind the pickup. He mounted the pickup on a rotating Lazy Susan, and the wire take-up spool on a record player.

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How to replace your guitar pickups

Squier telecaster bridge raised showing the underneath of the pickup

Guitarists sometimes replace their stock pickups in the hope of improving their guitar's tone. This step by step guide shows you how to swap your existing guitar-pickups for new ones. 
The instructable is written by John Smith who changed the bridge pickup on his Squier Telecaster  to a Seymour Duncan Little '59 in the hope of a more Les Paul type of sound. But the same technique should be equally useful for other guitars.

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Lollar foils the Pickup Pirates

Basic Pickup Winding and Complete Guide to Making Your Own Pickup Winder, front cover image

Jason Lollar is the  author of the DIY pickup maker's bible "Basic Pickup Winding and Complete Guide to Making Your Own Pickup Winder". This book helped kickstart the custom pickup industry. It has been out of print for a number of years, assuming a mythical status. Secondhand copies have been selling for close to $300.

Ubertar Hexaphonic Pickups

Ubertar passive hexaphonic pickup

Paul Rubenstein has suceeded in making a passive hexaphonic pickup that fits into a single coil space. Paul is a guitar player and teacher as well as an inventor (of the alumitar for example). These pickups have a separate coil for each string, allowing you to process each one indidivually. For example you could pan strings to the left or right, or have different effects on each string.

Make a LEGO pickup winder


These are two examples of pickup winders made out of LEGO. They use the motorised Mindstorms , NXT type components to spin the pickup bobbin. I haven't seen any LEGO winders with an automatic travese mechanism yet, but it won't be long before someone builds one.

The first is a pickup unwinder, for despooling a broken pickup, by Scorpion097 .


Rish developed the lego pickup winder further, making a more conventional design with LEGO NXT components for winding pickups.

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