Peavey Musician with Automix 1976

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Peavey Musician amplifier 1976 advert

Advert for Peavey Musician amplifier with Automix, featured in Guitar magazine June 1976.

The MUSICIAN is not unique in having two channels, but is unique, by featuring complete patching facilities which allow any combination of the two channels to be used in series of parallel for incredible sustain, overload dynamics, and harmonic control. With this new “Automix” feature used in conjunction with. our exclusive “automixer footswitch”, almost any guitar sound can be obtained.

The master section of the Musician contains “controls for master gain and reverb. The master gain is used for obtaining overdrive and sustain at low volume levels and for controlling response and noise in result of one of the most comprehensive and thorough research programs ever attempted by Peavey Electronics. Many new circuits and ideas are used throughout this system. The new 200 watt RMS amplifier couples the brute force of Eight high energy power transistors to a massive heat- sink for fantastic power and durability.

The preamplifier section has every needed control function to produce unlimited dynamics, tonal variation, and almost any special effect. The exclusive distortion control allows the Musician to duplicate the natural distortion ofan overdriven Valve amp at all volume levels. This distortion control blends master harmonics into the signal which and “effects” channels and is also activated through the automixer footswitch which is provided at no extra charge. The tremendous power and valve amp. A conventional Fuzz circuit has been included that features extremely long sustain and velvet smooth response.

The Fuzz effect is variable and may be controlled from a recording studio. The reverb control acts on both “normal” versatility of the Musician are complimented by the many speaker options series. offered with this unique The new MUSICIAN series is the match the harmonic content of a the remote footswitch. standard variable controls. and with is rate Tremolo is continuously and depth The unique six channel equalizer was developed to give the Musician complete control over the entire tonal spectrum by providing incremental controls for each frequency range. Proper adjustment of the equalizer enables new and different tonal blends to be created.

Output power of the Musician is 200 watts RMS at 1 per cent THD into 2 ohms and Signal-to-Noise Ratio is 66db. (50K ohm source impedance). Sensitivity is 20mvV at 1KH2 (Tone controls flat, volume 12:00). Input impedance 300 Kohm. REC RETAIL PRICE £277.88 inc VAT.

AUTOMIX is also standard spec now on:
Bass Head (200W) £261.41 inc VAT
Standard Head (130W)- £192.51 inc VAT
Classic 50W Combination £200-2.5: ine VAT
Deuce 120W combination £311.36 inc VAT
Artist 120W combination £311.36 inc VAT
Mace 16O0W combination £416.83 inc VAT