• Peterson StroboClip, clip-on virtual strobe tuner for stringed and wind instruments


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The Peterson StroboClip is a clip-on virtual strobe tuner. The virtual strobe is shown on the tuner's LCD display.Like a strobe tuner, the StroboClip has lines that rotate either left or right depending on whether you are sharp of flat. The speed of rotation is linked to how out of tune you are. When you are in tune the rotation will stop. It might sound complicated but it is quite easy to use in practice.

Like all Peterson tuners, the StroboClip has  1/10 cent tuning accuracy. It has a bright high definition display and 28 Sweetened Tunings and alternate temperaments for a wide variety of string and wind instruments. These sweetened tunings sound better on instruments not suited for equal temperament tuning.

The outer case of the StroboClip is stainless-steel and carbon-fiber construction of the hinge, stem, and clip help ensure a long and worry-free product life. Soft, rubber pads in the jaws of the StroboClip protect your instrument's finish while providing a firm grip for maximum signal conductivity.

The StroboClip has a special Sustain Mode feature that allows the user prolonged note viewing time when tuning short-voiced instruments. The note is captured and displayed on the screen until the next time the tuner is triggered. Excellent for use with instruments like tenor banjo and similar instruments with short percussive signals.


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