Cool Acoustics

Cool Acoustics started as a PhD project in industrial design by Owain Pedgley in 1999. It is now a guitar innovation project, hosted by Loughborough University in the UK.

Acoustic guitar soundboards are traditionally made of spruce or cedar softwoods, but Cool Acoustics soundboards are made from foamed polycarbonate (a type of plastic). These soundboards are cheaper high grade tonewoods that are less vulnerable to tonal and structural changes caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The finishes and colours of our soundboards result in strongly recognisable and differentiated instruments.


Designer Rich Roland founded NEO Products in 1989. In the early 90s NEO started research and development in the use of plastics in stringed instruments. Since then, NEO has developed a number of unusual plastic guitars and violins. NEO moved to Wildwood, New Jersey in 2000. Rich Roland is an expert in the use of neon, and has used neon lighting in some of his instruments.

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