HyperMod Strat Pickguard Left-handed

[PRESS RELEASE] AweSome Musical Instruments have just released the Hyper-Mod(TM) Stratocaster Left-Hand pickguards, containing their patented Pickup Tone MultiplierTM (PTM) switching system. The traditional three-or-five position pickup selector switch is replaced by a row of six switches, letting you get 30 separate pickup tones.  These PTM-Enhanced SSS pickguards come in 3-ply colors (white, black, white pearloid, brown tortoise) and are made to fit a standard American left-hand Stratocaster body. They are designed to accept your three single-coil pickups and are easily installed as a drop in replacement with no soldering needed.

AweSome Musical Instruments is company based in the Detroit, MI suburb. Their product range is based around their patented Pickup Tone Multiplier(TM) switching system. These products are made in the U.S.A.

These replacement pickguards cost around $300 depending on options.

Get more information at  www.AweSome-Guitars.com

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