Jam Kat Pick Holster

[Press Release]  Pick-Smith’s revolutionary Jam Kat Pick-Holster allows guitar and bass players to alternate seamlessly between picking and finger-style playing. The Jam Kat provides pick retention, tapping and slide-guitar flexibility, hands free recording, knob tweaking, beer swilling and whatever else you think to do between riffs, without ever losing your pick.

The Jam Kat’s innovative design is based on functionality. It is composed of two nylon pieces connected by a spring -- the partial ring section fits comfortably on the index finger; the spring-loaded pick harness keeps the pick out of the way for unfettered finger-style and tapping techniques, while a simple sweep of the thumb engages and locates the pick. Let go of the pick and it returns ‘home’.
The Jam Kat was developed by Pick-Smith, Inc. president Patrick Swartz. An amateur songwriter/guitarist and professional model-maker, Patrick reduces the origin of the pick-holster to a selfish need. “If I can’t buy what I need, I build it.”

The Jam Kat accepts standard picks of thin, medium and heavy gauge and is available in right and left hand sizes from extra-small through extra-large. Accessories will include a strap dock/case and custom picks to tailor attack dynamics.

Pick-Smith debuted the Jam Kat prototypes at the 2009 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, causing a stir among players, buyers and industry insiders alike. “I’ve been in the (guitar) accessories business for 18 years, and this is the best invention I’ve ever seen” said Jeff Moore, former VP of Sales for Fender.

The Jam Kat is now available on Amazon.com, through select dealers and retailers, or by direct purchase through Pick-Smith at www.pick-smith.com.

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