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[Press release, November 23, 2010]
WristRock, marketer of guitar watches modeled after vintage guitars has announced a new limited edition collection incorporating Swarovski crystals into their designs. The StratoBling Collection features more than 40 Swarovski crystals hand-crafted onto each guitar body and leather wrist band. Colors include Diamond Black, Silver Ice, Sapphire Blue, Passion Red and Hot Pink. StratoBling guitar watches are being introduced on the Company’s secure electronic boutique at wristrock.com at $89.95.

“Our new strategic alliance with Swarovski will allow WristRock to expand into a number of new hip, fashion-conscious markets,” said company founder and President, Tamara Lambert. “I’m a big fan of Swarovski crystals on clothing, jewelry, and even my Blackberry case. I thought why not on guitar watches? Our dealers in fashion centers like Beverly Hills, Hollywood, New York, South Florida, and here in San Diego are excited about having a specific product appealing to women, the Disney fan base, and the bling generation.”

The addition of StratoBling brings the total to 15 different models from the customer which to chooses. Vice President of Sales, Bill Edwards notes," Gibson Limited Edition models based on the Flying V, Les Paul SG, and Nighthawks are almost extinct. Despite the tough economy, at $69.95, our signature StratoRock Collection has remained strong this year."

Edwards optimistically shares, "We're confident these new Swarovski-enhanced models are really going to make an impact with the younger music fans. They always seem to find the funds for the newest movies, music, video games and fashion regardless of the prevailing economy."

All WristRock guitar watches feature a high-quality quartz three-hand mechanism, adjustable leather band, stainless steel back, and even includes a hard shell guitar case. WristRock backs all models with a one-year limited warranty.

“StratoRocks have been popular with collectors. The watch is limited production and “serialized” on the watch back. The guitar case includes a matching stainless steel serial plate of authenticity. They’re very popular for Christmas, Father’s Day, and birthdays, ” remarks Michael Morioka, owner of Music One, musical instrument retailer and WristRock dealer in Carlsbad, CA.

“We were asked by one of our dealers in Beverly Hills who caters to Hollywood's trend-setting celebrities to come up with a design for the Mylie Cyrus fans. They wanted something fun, sparkly, and pink... Something that reflects her energy,” Lambert explains. "They were really pleased to see the Hot Pink StratoBling in time for Christmas. The Black Diamond is going to be outrageous as a fashion accessory in the Hip Hop community as well. Our company by-line is 'Exotic Gifts for Extraordinary People' you know."

Link: WristRock.com guitar watches

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Guitar Watches

These are really cool gifts. I bought a Hot Pink one for my wife this apst Christmas and she wears it everyday. The quality is far above what you expect or can see on the website. But the Guitar Manics website with all the guitar videos is even cooler! I logged on to check it out and 6 hours later my wife had to unplug the compuer just to get me to go to bed!. Clever company!

Bill in San Marcos, CA