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Toyo acoustic and classical guitars were made in Japan and Taiwan.

Source: Toyo guitar labels.


Toyota guitars and basses were made in Japan in the early 1970s for the Hershman Musical Instrument Company of New York City.

Source: Hershman Musical Instrument Co. catalog 1971

Fructuoso Zalapa

Fructuoso Zalapa Luna is a maker of fine classical guitars in Morelia, Mexico. He was born in 1961 into a family of guitar makers in Paracho, Mexico, where he began his apprenticeship at age 10. In his late teens he left for Spain to spend several years studying with various luthiers including Felix Manzanero and Manuel Cáceres. His studies continued in the late 1980s in Mexico City at the National Music Conservatory. His guitars have received numerous awards and in 2019 he was awarded the Maximum Award of the VI National Contest "Great Masters of the Artisan Heritage of Mexico 2019", held in the city of Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Luis Fernandes de Cordoba

Luis Fernandes de Cordoba makes classical and flamenco guitars in the tradition of the European master luthiers, such as Torres, Santos, Esteso, Hauser, Fleta and Bouchet. He got started in luthiery in his late teens: this led to a certified guitar-making course, followed by an apprenticeship in repair work and construction of classical, steel string and bass guitars. He has spent time with luthiers of all types, in the United States, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and his native country, Panamá.

Source: Luis Fernandes de Cordoba website (23 February 2021)


Toredo instruments was a brand name of C Meisel Music Co, of New Jersey. Toredo guitars were made in Japan - some at least made by Kiso Suzuki. The range included electric guitars & basses, acoustic guitars as well as folk instruments like banjos and mandolins.

Toogood Guitars

toogood guitars luthier - chris toogood (b 1975) ukuleles, guitars, electrics toogood guitars are made since "2003, in grimsby, lincolnshire, england dating toogood guitars 4 digit serial number on inner label. aaxx. aa is the year of manufacture. xx is the rank of instrument that year. so 0315 would be the 15th instrument made in 2003." [source: chris toogood, email 2/3/2009]

Saburo Nogami

Saburo Nogami was an early apprentice of Masaru Kohno - he joined in 1959, finally leaving the workshop in early 1970s. Nogami is best known for his classical guitars but also made some other types of stringed instruments. In the mid 1970s he became involved with Zen-on, supervising production of affordable classical guitars which bore his name on the label - as well as either "Zen-on" or "Nisshin Kogyo Co., LTD". From the late 1970s until the late 1990s Nogami worked with Kazuo Yairi, where again he supervised production of classical guitars.


Tomson was a budget Japanese mail order brand made by Kiso Suzuki in the 1970s and 1980s.

Source: Music Trade Japan - Tomson. (16 February 2021)


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