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Robert Rose

Bob Rose is a retired surgeon who makes Martin style acoustic guitars and ukuleles by hand in West Virginia. He started making guitars around the year 2000 - beginning with a Martin acoustic guitar kit. Since then Rose has taken luthiery classes with Wayne Henderson, David Nichols and other master craftsmen to perfect his skills. Custom guitars made in his workshop, often embellished with pearl or abalone shell inlay, can run from $900 to more than $4,000.


Rono Strings is the brand name of Ron Oates of Boulder, Colorado. He handcrafts stringed instruments on a custom or semi-custom basis. Ron Oates makes acoustic & resonator guitars as well as basses but is best known for his mandolins including electric mandolins. Ron built his first instrument (a classical guitar) as a high school woodshop project in 1967 and he never stopped. Many years of building, repairing and restoring stringed instruments of all types has given Ron some good insight into what people want to play.

Source: Rono Strings website (Archived 2006)

Jean Rompré

Jean Rompré (born circa 1970) started making guitars professionally in 1987.  He studied in St. Irenaeus, Quebec City and Vancouver with Neil Hebert, Linda Manzer and Michael Dunn, and also continued training in advanced manufacturing, classical guitars, computer design, frequency analysis. He opened his own workshop in Montreal in 1992.


Paul Duff made his first mandolin in 1982. His love of bluegrass music meant he was drawn to making the F5 style favored by Bill Monroe. His attention has since broadened to other instruments from this Gibson ‘Golden Era’, also known as the ‘Loar Period’. Paul now includes mandolas, mandocellos and archtop guitars in his inventory of models offered to customers.

Source: Duff Mandolins website (23 March 2020)


François Druet trained at the International Lutherie School of Antwerpen in Belgium, then spent four years assisting Thomas Féjoz in his workshop located in Ardèche. He is now based in the Jura, in Arbois when he makes archtop electric, acoustic and classical guitars


Dan Richter founded Dragonfly Guitars in 1994. He originally trained as an acoustic guitar-maker but also builds electric instruments, banjos, harps and various other stringed instruments. He also repairs both guitar and violin family instruments and is a professional guitarist performing, touring and recording with The Rakish Angles as well as with other projects. Richter also runs acoustic guitar making courses.


Dr. Hermann Döttlinger builds a small number of classical guitars using traditional techniques each year. Each one is made to order - so can be adapated to the customer's specification. In addition to building classical guitars, he also does repairs and occasionally makes replicas of historical instruments.


DOVE is a  domestic mid- to high-end acoustic guitar brand brand of Guangzhou Paloma Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. The brand was founded in 1998 in Guangdong with the setting up a modern acoustic guitar production line and Dove was officially trademarked in 2007.  The Dove founding team has strategically cooperated with many international brands: Fender, Bedell, LAG, Tanglewood and Bacchus and provided product development, design and manufacturing services.


Doriean Guitars is the run by Luthier, Andrew Doriean from his workshop in the Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia. Andrew has a love of all musical genres and worked as a sound engineer early in his career. A family connection with wood working, and a love of playing the guitar has brought him full circle to combine these areas of knowledge to produce beautifully crafted, responsive instruments. While maintaining an interest in a diverse range of musical styles, Andrew's primary focus is on producing modern classical and flamenco guitars. Andrew’s instruments demonstrate his respect for traditional methods and the great makers, he has spent the last 15 years building on this foundation and developing his own style and interpretation of the guitar which also incorporate modern advantages.


Michel Donadey started out in luthiery in 1972 at the age of 19. He began an apprenticeship with Roger Buro and was supported by A. Carbonell. He also worked for a while with André Sakelaridès. Later he learned guitar making techniques from luthiers and workshops in Spain. In 1978 he supervised a training course for instrument making at St. Maxim which led to the formation of a workers cooperative company in 1979 which ran for 5 years. In 1986 he set up his own workshop in Marseille where he has worked ever since.

Donatella Salvato

Donatella Salvato comes from a family of talented carvers and inlayers, graduated from the Master of Graphic Arts and studied cello at the Padua Conservatory. She has worked as an inlayer for 25 years, gaining a deep knowledge and skill in everything related to wood. She made her first guitar under the guidance of Maestro Giampaolo Manica. She learned bow making with Maestro Aloysius Lanaro and carving with Davide Burgio.

To experience different schools of luthiery she visited José Romanillos in Spain, Michael Batell and Kazuo Sato in Germany and Jan Tulacek in the Czech Republic. She also studied historical work from Antonio de Torres, Robert Bouchet, David Rubio, Daniel Friederich to José Romanillos, reworking historical designs based on sensitivity and current sound needs. She has exhibited at important Italian and European festivals.

Don Kawalek

Don Kawalek custom builds banjos, guitars, mandolins, lap dulcimers, hammered dulcimers, and uilleann pipes  Don has been making instruments since 1976 and he also give workshops to build instruments from kits he produces.


Domenico Bertoletti

Domenico Bertoletti was born in Ala in the province of Trento, Italy. Growing up he showed a passion for carving and cabinetmaking. A meeting in 1978 with the guitar maker Abele Naldi tuned his interest towards the world of guitars and lutes. He made his first insturment in 1979. Domenico initially specialized in producing instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, keeping to the complex historical designs. The carving of the sound hole roses, the construction of the bracing, the choice and quality of the materials altogether, give Domenico's instruments a personality of their own and consequently prestige.


Luthier Dirk Janssen has been building guitars since 1975. He started out in Idstein (Germany) as an apprentice with master luthier Reinhold Seiffert. After obtaining his guitar building diploma, he returned to the Netherlands and then to Belgium, where he developed his career as a luthier and guitar builder. He specialises in guitars and lutes.


Dion James runs Dion Guitars as a one man operation specializing in fine handcrafted steel-string acoustic guitars.  Circa 2020 his workshop was located in The Club House, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Dey Martin

Dey Martin builds fine custom handcrafted acoustic guitars and 'ukuleles in Palm Springs and San Diego, California using sustainably sourced and reclaimed materials. Dey Martin grew up in Beverly Hills and studied music at the University of Hawaii. He apprenticed at the famed 'Guitar and Lute Workshop' in Honolulu started by Hawaiian musician Keola Beamer & friends to build guitars. Dey learned carpentry skills from 1971-74 working with master carpenter Bob Taylor of Haleiwa, Hawaii. 


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