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Rein (Thomas)

Thomas Rein started making steel stringed guitars in the early 1970s and apprenticed with Edward F. Rose in Lexington, Kentucky. He founded Thomas Rein guitars in 1975 and by 1980s was also building lutes, theorboes, and gambas. After a moving to the Washington DC area in 1986, he decided to concentrate solely on the classical guitar. Rein's classical guitars have been played throughout the world in concerts and on recordings. In 2007, he came full circle and started building steel string guitars again while continuing to build classical guitars.

Source: Thomas Rein website (19 June 2019)

Reid (David Antony)

David Antony Reid is a custom guitar maker based in Perth, Scotland. He started making acoustic guitars in 1998, before completing an engineering degree. He then studied luthiery and went on to invent several modern guitar construction innovations such as the double-edged-scalloped fretboard, the ergonomic guitar neck, the dual compensated saddle, the multiple frequency soundboard and the multiple diffraction/reflection back. Reid is known for his use of reclaimed and recycled materials, such as 3000+ year old bog oak, 100 year old fallen sequoia, re-claimed old Cuban and Brazilian mahogany which had previously been fire surrounds, bank counters and staircase posts; English fruit trees, sycamores and maples which fell during the 1987 hurricane in the south of England.


Redline Acoustics builds custom resophonic guitars, mandolins, guitars, and electric mini banjos in Hendersonville just outside Nashville, Tennessee. They have been making parts for Luthiers since 1998 and carry a line of stock parts for Mandolins, Banjos, Dobros, and Guitars. They also specialize in custom work.

Source: RedLine Acoustics website (5 June 2019)


Jim Redgate made his first guitar in the early 1980s while studying classical guitar. After graduating from a music performance degree, he decided to pursue guitar making as a career and became a full time luthier in 1992. By 2007 he had made over 255 instruments and his instruments were widely used by professional guitarists. By 2012, he had settled on making four models, the lattice-braced, the double-top, and the new wave double-top and traditional fan braced.  Redgate makes his lattice-braced guitars with an arched back to improve their volume and projection (like Greg Smallman) and he uses lightweight carbon fibre reinforcements under the soundboard. Redgate’s soundboards are much lighter than traditionally braced examples, and his guitars are therefore more responsive, energy efficient, and louder than traditional classical instruments.

Source: Redgate Guitars website (4 June 2019)


Mark Piper founded Redentore Guitars in 2007, in Nashville, Tennessee. The Redentore range includes archtop guitars, carved-top semi acoustic/electrics, the "LJ" (little jazzer), and the Redentore LJ Slimline acoustic bass. All are meticulously constructed, finished, and set up by Piper who has many years experience in guitar building and repairs for Nashville's pro musicians.

Source: Redentore Guitars website (4 June 2019)


Luthiers Mark Thibeault and Jason Friesen founded Rayco Resophonics in 2002. Rayco was named after Mark’s late father Raymond. In 2011 they were joined by Damian Jones and Josh Lafountain. Rayco make resophonic, lap steel, wiessenborn and electric guitars as well as resophonic ukuleles.

Source: Rayco Resophonics website (2 June 2019)


Raven guitars was a brand name of Great Western Imports Ltd of Vancouver from the mid 1960s onwards. Raven electric, acoustic and bass guitars were intially made in Japan for distribution in the USA and Canada - later ones may have been made in Korea or elsewhere.

Source: Raven catalog 1965


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