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Preston Thompson

Preston Thompson Guitars was established by Preston K. Thompson. Preston learned guitar making with Charles Fox in Vermont in the 1970s before going to build acoustic guitars at  Randy Wood’s Old Time Pickin’ Parlor in Nashville. His guitars were popular amongst bluegrass flat-pickers and he went on to make guitars for Charles Sawtelle and Peter Rowan. Preston Thompson passed away in 2019 but his team of luthiers carries on making his guitars in Sisters, Oregon.

Source: Preston Thompson website (21 September 2022)

Daisy Tempest

Tempest acoustic guitars are made by luthier Daisy Tempest. She trained to become a guitar builder in her early twenties. Since establishing Tempest Guitars, Daisy has received the Newby Trust Craft Excellence Award, and moved into her own workshop in South London in the Cockpit Arts community of makers and artists.

Source: Tempest Guitars website (11 September 2022)


MUSI is an affordable electric guitar brand - available via Amazon circa 2022. They come with stainless steel frets as standard. The range includes the Virgo, Capricorn and Classic models.

Josh Williams

Josh Williams studied luthiery at the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery where he learned to make acoustic and electric guitars. He then worked at The Blue Guitar in San Diego, doing guitar repairs. He apprenticed with master luthier Yuris Zeltins, an expert in French polishing and construction of classical and flamenco guitars.  Williams started his own company and now makes acoustic and electric guitars in Fallbrook, California with the help of a small team.

Source: Josh Williams Guitars website (28 August 2022)


Ferangeli acoustic guitars and ukuleles are made by hand in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippine. Ferangeli was established in 1919 by Pedro Abendan who started a guitar store and made guitars and banjos in the backyard of his house. Pedro Abendan had 4 children, including Avelino “Biling” Abendan and Nelita “Nely” Abendan-Dagoc. Both carried on in the guitar-making business, Biling started Cebu Classic Guitar and Nely founded Nely’s Guitar. Current head luthier is Nely's son Fernando "Andoy" Dagoc who learned guitar-making from his uncle Biling. Andoy also worked as a wood agent starting in 1983 - gaining experience in selecting grading timber alongside running his own guitar shop.

Source: Ferangeli website (5 July 2022)


Daniel Zucali is a guitar maker who was born in the Bregenzer Wald (Vorarlberg, Austria) in 1977. On leaving school in 1991 he started an apprenticeship at a technical college, which specialized in woodwork. From 1996 to 2001 he apprenticed at Hanika in Baiersdorf (Germany). He took some time out in 2003 from Hanika to get his Master Luthiers degree. In 2008 he left Hanika to open his own workshop where he specializes in nylon stringed guitars: classical, crossover and jazz style.

Source: Zucali website (16 June 2022)


Lyman Guitar Company was founded in 2017 by Art Tantiyawarong and Sophia Woods . Art & Sophia initially ran a music store Yellow Mama Music in Lyman, South Carolina. In 2017 in collaboration with Thai Musical Instrument Distributor Bank they established BAS Industries (Bank, Art & Sophia) a musical instrument distributor selling various brands. They launched Lyman amplifiers in 2018 soon followed by the Lyman CS (Custom Shop) range of electric guitars. In 2019 Lyman Guitar Co. and TYMA Guitars entered into an exclusive partnership (Tyma by Lyman) to expand the Lyman acoustic line while introducing the TYMA name to the United States. In 2020 Lyman introduced a line of more affordable imported guitars.

Source: Five Minutes with Lyman Guitar Co.'s Staff. Music & Sound Retailer August 2021, Vol 38 No 8

Oliver Klapproth

Oliver Klapproth is a German master luthier and maker of classical and acoustic guitars. He began his training in 2003 with Christian Stoll. In 2008 he moved to Markneukirchen, and enrolled on the musical in­stru­ment making course. During this time he did an 5 month internship semester in the workshop of Daniel Zucali in Austria. In 2009, while still studying, he opened his own workshop. He helped to teach the musical instrument making course in Mark­neu­kirchen until 2016.

Source: Oliver Klapproth website (16 June 2022)


Jim Cairnes was an English guitar maker, born around 1946 in Bournemouth, UK. Cairnes moved to Teeside as a child, and this is where he spent most of his life. Cairnes taught himself the electric guitar as a teenager and made his first one at the age of 16 in the early 1960s. By 1970 he had opened a guitar making factory with Brian Goodhall in Cumberland Road, Middlesbrough. Early on they launched the Colt Peacemaker (a revolver shaped guitar) in 1970 as a eye catching design to get publicity for their business, but Jim made many other great original guitar and bass designs including the Starguard and Stud electric guitars and the Stag bass. Cairnes also made his own pickups and supplied pickups to other UK guitar and bass makers. Jim Cairnes died in 2011 aged 65, he was still working on guitars until illness forced him to stop.


In the early 1960s J.W. Gallagher and his son Don Gallagher helped set up a production line for the Shelby guitar in the Slingerland drum factory in Shelbyville, Tennessee. The Shelby was a budget acoustic model - J.W. Gallagher wanted to make a higher quality instrument so in 1965 made the first Gallagher acoustic guitar. There are also Shelby guitars from the 1970s that appear to be made in Japan.


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