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Lava Music

LAVA MUSIC was established in 2013 in China by Louis Luk as a music technology company. They design and develop musical instruments with new materials and acoustic structures - often with integrated electronic technology. Circa 2022 their main products were the Lava ME guitars (launched in 2017) and LAVA U ukuleles - both made from carbon fiber and available with integrated electronic touch screen & apps.

Source: Lava Music website (24 January 2022)

Michel Belair

Michel Bélair studied classical guitar in the 1980s and 1990s and played Daniel Friederich guitars. While studying in Paris he met Friederich many times at his workshop and commissioned a new guitar. At the same time Bélair decided to make his own - with the help of his friend the luthier Jean Rompré. Since then he has made precise measurements of several Friedrich guitars which he uses to make his own Friedrich style models. Bélair also uses an engineering approach to carefully measure the stiffness and Q-factor of his woods - this allows him to match braces and tops to specific stiffness.

Source: Michel Bélair website (20 January 2022)

Wolfgang Jellinghaus

Wolfgang Jellinghaus (born 1951 in Dortmund) was born into a guitar making family and began making them himself at the age of 14. In 1978 he became owner of Musik Jellinghaus GmbH, a  leading retailer for music instruments and sheet music in Germany. In 1982 he registered the Martinez brand for guitars and  designed the first line of Martinez Guitars. In 2003 he teamed up with Kenny Hill and Alex Wang and founded the Minyard Martinez guitar factory which now has customers in 30 countries. In 2013 he sold Musik Jellinghaus GmbH and went to China to set up the Milestone Luthier Center: a small workshop making high quality classical guitars.

Source: Milestones of Music website (19 January 2022)


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