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Paracho Elite

Paracho Elite is a brand of LDP Music a distributor based in Madison Heights, MI. The brand is named after the Village of Paracho in the high Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. The Paracho Elite range includes handmade stringed instruments for Mariachi and Latin Music.

Source: LDP Music website (16 October 2019)



Kepma was founded in 2009 by Jack Peng & Kevin Liu. Jack and Kevin invested in high tech machinery including an array of CNC machines to cut, mill and fabricate consistent components of their first guitar design, the A1. By 2015, Kepma was the number one acoustic guitar brand in all of China. Kepma also make acoustic guitar pickups, preamps and effects

Source: Kepma website (16 October 2019)

Roberts (Luthiery)

Roberts Luthiery is dedicated to the design and construction of Premium Quality Custom Flat-top, Archtop, and Resonator Guitars as well as mandolins. Roberts Luthiery was started by Bob Mizek who began repairing acoustic and electric stringed instruments in 1976. Bob was taught fine wood-wooking techniques by master cabinet maker Fred Ott and learned some guitar repair by long-time friend and master luthier, Jim Beach of Wooden Music in Chicago. In 1979, Bob opened Midnight Guitar Works, a guitar repair center that provided high-quality instrument repair and set-up service to Chicago area music stores. By observing what went wrong with the instruments he serviced, Bob learned what construction methods and materials would lead to problems for the musician. Bob paid close attention to the tactile "feel" of each guitar as well as its individual tone.


Soulman Guitars was founded by Ron Lamoureux to provide affordable, well-made, custom guitars. All guitars are designed in Canada, hand made in China, and sent to the company’s headquarters in Winnipeg where they are inspected and set up ready for shipping. Soulman only build 6 guitars of one design style at a time. 

See the company website here

H. Jimenez

Hohner partnered with Mr. Hilario “Layo” Jimenez to bring to the market the H. Jimenez brand of bajo quintos and guitars.  Mr. Jimenez is known worldwide for his handcrafted bajos which he started making in 1975. The Hohner H. Jimenez instruments evolved from their collaboration, and they have design elements from Hilario Jimenez. The H. Jimenez Latin family of instruments includes a vihuela, a guitarron, 3 guitars and 8 bajo quintos.

Source: H. Jimenez website (8 October 2019)


Laurent Hassoun founded Roadrunner Guitars in 1994 in Nancy, France. Laurent develops and makes custom guitars (solid body, archtop, lapsteels, ukeleles), basses, resophonics, effects, amps, mikes and custom parts, Musicians such as Money Mark, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Billy Childish and the French Wampas Groups, Sanseverino and Silmarils joined Bo Diddley and Gibbons in using Roadrunner products. Around 2003, Laurent began to make his own parts for his guitars. All Roadrunner Guitars' products and parts are hand-made.

Source: Roadrunner Guitars website (7 October 2019)


George Rizsanyi established Rizsanyi Guitars in 1976. Before this he apprenticed for several years for the legendary Master Luthier Joe Lado Kovacic at The Twelfth Fret in Toronto, and for violin maker Bruce West. Currently based in Bear River, Nova Scotia where he runs Bear River Guitar Works. Rizsanyi makes exquisite, handmade guitars, Rizsanyi's clients have included the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, superstars Sting, James Taylor and Peter Gabriel. Rizsanyi also runs the Rizsanyi School of Instrument making and repairs, featuring courses and workshops. A

Source: Rizsanyi Guitars website (2 October 2019)


Gary Rizzolo is a Master Instrument maker and Craftsmen who has been making instruments since the late 1980s. Rizzolo has been involved in the music industry as a performer from the mid sixties which led to a passion for guitars. His qualifications include a Diploma of Teaching - TCAE and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - University of Tasmania. The Rizzolo Guitar Company makes high quality archtop, electric and bass guitars using European and American tone woods as well as Tasmanian timbers.

Source: Rizzolo Guitars website (2 October 2019)


Established in 1993 as a guitar parts manufacturer, Ranch Guitar has since then grown into a business that provides musicians, DIY builders and wholesale dealers with affordable gear.


Jasmin is a budget children's classical guitar brand. The Jasmin guitar is a pink 3/4 sized classical but the exact model is also sold as: Tiger, Mad-About or Music-Alley brands depending on the color.

Not to be confused with the Jasmine acoustic guitar brand of KMC.


Bob Rigaud graduated from the Roberto-Venn School in Phoenix and later worked as an instructor there. He moved to Greensboro, NC in 1979, where he worked as a repairman at a local music store. At this time he began making resophonic guitars (with sound-posts) in his home workshop, where he also made cutaway nylon stringed guitars and custom carved electric guitars. One of these (Sculptar) was featured in Guitar Player magazine (March 1985).  Bob continued to grow his career as he built acoustic guitars and specialized in the repair and restoration of vintage guitars. Circa 2019 he was devoted to the design and development of custom acoustic guitars.

Source: Rigaud Guitars website (2 September 2019)


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