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Vantek was a guitar brand of Vantage - made in Korea from the 1980s on. Later Vantek guitars may have been made elsewhere- including Indonesia.


Mike Vanden makes archtop guitars and mandolins in Argyll, Scotland. Varden has been making instruments since 1979 - inspired by Gibson archtop mandolins and early archtop guitars.  Mike Vanden has also designed pickups for acoustic instruments since 1988 - including the Mimesis pickup.

Source: Vanden Guitars website (14 May 2021)

van Gool

John J Van Gool has been making classical guitars in the Netherlands since 1978. He follows the principles of Antonio Torres and has taken master classes in guitar making with José L. Romanillos. In 1980 he also started making flamenco guitars and in 1984 he started to make several types of the lute and after a study and investigation to the Spanish vihuela he is also making this instrument. Since 1995 he also makes  Baroque guitars with beautiful inlays and originally 3D rosettes.

Source: John J Van Gool website (14 May 2021)

Manuel Velazquez

Manuel Velazquez was born in Puerto Rico in 1917 and made his first guitar at the age of 12. He moved to New York in 1942 and later opened his own luthiery workshop: developing a reputation for his fine classical guitars in the Hauser style. He moved back and forth between Puerto Rico and the USA a few times before finally settling in Arlington, Virginia in 1982. He later retired to Florida in 1991 where he died in 2014. His son Alfredo and daughter Graciela are also luthiers.

Source: Classical Guitar Store - Manuel Velazquez (13 May 2021)

Val Dez

Val Dez was a brand name of the Espana Guitars company of Union Square, New York dating from the 1960s. Some at least were made in Finland by Landola.

Source: Val Dez guitar label


Gary G. Vail is a master carpenter and owner of a construction company. During the 1990s he began to use his carpentry skills to do maintenance and guitar repairs. He then studied guitar making with George Morris at Vermont Instruments. Vail offers custom handmade acoustic guitars.

Source: Vail Guitars website (12 May 2021)

Keith Urban

Keith Urban introduced his URBAN Guitar Collection in 2013 via Home Shopping Network (HSN). The initial line up featured two versions of the “Phoenix Edition” guitars — electric and acoustic/electric —  in Brazilian Burst, Emerald Brazilian Burst, Black and Vintage Natural Ivory.  It was part of a set that included an amplifier, strings, guitar strap, picks & instructional DVDs. Urban returned to HSN in 2017 and 2018 with more models including the Light The Fuse limited edition series.

Mitsuhiro Uchida

Mitsuhiro Uchida (born 1952 in Tokyo) trained in repair & quality control with Kohno guitars in 1979. In 1980 he moved to West Germany to work at BSA repairing stringed instruments. He moved to work for Lowden Guitars in 1987 in Northern Ireland. He left Lowden in 1990 and set up his own workshop in 1991 in Takato, Nagano, Japan. Uchida specialises in custo acoustic guitars including harp guitars.

Source: Uchida page (6 May 2021)


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