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Richter (Mfg Co)

richter mfg co the richter mfg. co. was founded at chicago, il by carl h. richter in 1926 to market instruments. they were no longer listed in 1944 [source: mugwumps] chicago made guitars. according to posts at guitarsite in 2003-4 there are guitars made by richter mfg co at least from from 1929-1937 richter also made buckeye brand guitars, sweetheart (a brand name used by chicago distributors targ & dinner for ukuleles and banjoleles) plus instruments for a lot of other distributors. one name i believe they used on their own instruments was princess. richter appear to have contracted out banjo making. richter painted guitars advertisement musc trades 1930 [source: lardy's ukulele corner] instruments made by richter include parlor and classical guitars. richter also made cowboy guitars with brands "the plainsman" featuring a scene from a gary cooper movie (1936) of the same name.


Richard Alan "Ricky" Buccigrosse was born in Riverside, New Jersey., on February 7, 1953. He lived in Beverly, New Jersey for most of his life, where he was a woodworking shop teacher for Florence Township High School. He was an accomplished musician and master carpenter by trade. He custom designed and built furniture and musical instruments and shared his love of the craft by teaching others. He died in 2009 aged 56.

Source: Richard Buccigrosse obituary. Burlington County Times, September 9, 2009.

Rich & Taylor

The Rich and Taylor brand was launched in 1993 by Greg Rich and Mark Taylor.  Mark Taylor is the son of Tut Taylor, and had been making high-end acoustic and resonator guitars with Crafters of Tennessee since 1976. The Rich and Taylor brand lasted until around 1996 when Taylor resumed production until 2012 under the Crafters of Tennessee brand name.

Source: Crafters of Tennesse website (Archived 2001)

Claudio Ricca

Claudio Ricca has been a luthier since 1985, having studied in Cremona. He then specialized in classical guitar making, learning with Maestro Walter Leoni. He also does repair and restoration on historical instruments. He has a scientific background, and designed a mute for cellos with variable weight, a violin case and a hypo-allergenic chin-rest.

Source: Claudio Ricca website (20 August 2019)

Carlo Ricordo

Carlo Ricordo branded guitars and mandolins were sold by J.T.C. - presumably in the UK or USA as the labels are printed in English. Their labels indicate they were made in Naples and from the late 1800s to at least the 1920s.

Ricardo Sanchis

Ricardo Sanchis Nacher (1880-1960) foundes the Ricardo Sanchis guitar brand when he opened his workshop in Valencia in 1915. He had learned his craft working with Domingo Esteso in Madrid. Ricardo Sanchis Nacher's son Ricardo Sanchis Badia took over the firm. Ricardo Sanchis Badia's son Ricardo Sanchis Carpio carries on the family tradition and has raised the profile of the Ricardo Sanchis brand of classical and flamenco guitars, which are now sought after internationally. See also the Hermanos Sanchis Lopez brand name which is linked  to Ricardo Sanchis.

Ribot (Jaime)

Jaime Ribot was a luthier who worked in Barcelona at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century. Ribot shared a workshop with Bautista Alcañiz on the calle Ancha (number 40) until 1920. He made classical and flamenco guitars as well as bandurrias. Ribot guitars were played by Miguel Llobet, Emilio Pujol and Domingo Prat.

Source: Guitar Salon - Ribot guitar (19 August 2019)


Rialto archtop guitars are made in the UK by Paul Carnall (born in 1951). The Rialto brand name is a tribute to his father's dance band - the Rialto Players. Rialto archtops are typically 17" sized - all are hand carved from solid spruce and maple, with tap tuned plates and braced to customer preferences. Carnall also makes custom solid bodied electric guitars.

Source: Rialto Guitars website (19 August 2019)


Richmond Guitars brand was launched in 2008 by Godin. The range initially consisted of two retro styled electric guitar models: the Belmont and the Dorchester.  The Empire model was added later. The instruments were made in Richmond Quebec Canada. The brand was discontinued in 2013. To date your Richmond guitar look at the 8 digit serial number engraved behind the headstock - the first two digits indicate the year it was made. Richmond branded acoustic guitars were also made in the 1960s in Japan - not connected to the Godin Richmonds.

Source: Richmond guitars website (archived 2012)


Dowina began in 1979 in the village of Devín in Slovakia with the opening of violin workshop overlooking the castle. Later acoustic guitars were added to the product range. In 2010 they moved to larger premises in Devinska Nova Ves, encompassing a production center, warehouse, custom shop and administration.

Source: Dowina website (15 August 2019)


Jay "Rhyne" Riness (born in 1937) was a luthier who made and restored high-end acoustic guitars (and some electrics) in Decatur, Georgia. Jay also built mandolins, dulcimers, and banjos, but his passion was acoustic guitars. He normally worked alone but during the 1970s lead a team of 8 workers for a while. He stopped making guitars following a stroke in 2000 and he died in 2010.

Source: Jay Riness forum thread (14 August 2019)

Source: Jay Dickerson Riness Obituary. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. July 25, 2010


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