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Bill Hardin founded Bear Creek Guitars in Hawaii in 1995 after working at O.M.I Dobro and the Santa Cruz Guitar Company. Bear Creek primarily builds Weissenborn style acoustic lap steel guitars using the original Weissenborn design.Hardin has collaborated with guitarist and ethnomusicologist Bob Brozman in designing an updated 7-string baritone version of the Style IV Weissenborn, called the BearTone. Bill Hardin was introduced to the Weissenborn by Don Young of National Reso-Phonic Guitars while they both worked for Dobro.  Bear Creek builds both hollow neck and Kona round neck copies of the Weissenborn  as well as Spanish steel-stings, ukuleles, and resonators.


John Peter Barthell is a renowned classical guitar builder who started building guitars in 1976. Barthell started in Chicago where he made around 40 guitars and then moved to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Barthell had retired by 2016 having made a total of just 174 guitars.


Roger Bacorn is a master luthier from Nichols, NY. Bacorn built his first mandolin in 1978. Bacorn guitars is a one man, small shop and he divides his time between a shop shared with another cabinet maker and assembly, repairs from his home workshop. Bacorn builds all types of guitars from solid body and archtop electrics to flat-top acoustics and mandolins. He also offers amplifiers.


From 1994 until 2010 AZOLA produced acoustic electric uprights and bass guitars. Models included the Ampeg inspired AZOLA Baby Bass as well as the MiniBass, BugBass, Lightning Bug, Gypsy, Bambino, Deco, Nouveau, Jazzeau, and Jazzman - all in a plethora of configurations. The manufacture of some models, like the Ultrascoustic BugBass and Ultracoustic Baby Bass involved violin-making techniques like carving, shaping, and fitting to make smaller versions of traditional acoustic upright basses.


ASTURIAS GUITAR MANUFACTURING LTD was established in 1962. The Asturias workshop is located in Kurume city of Kyushu island where 15 craftsman are employed making classical guitars, acoustic guitars, classical mandolins and ukuleles. The workshop is a subsidiary company of Rokkomann Inc. based in Kobe, Japan.

Source: Asturias website


Aaron Andrews graduated from the Roberto-Venn School of Lutherie in 1992. He set up his first shop in a rental garage, and began designing, building, repairing, and restoring fretted stringed instruments. Aided and abetted by 13 years of employment as a staff guitar repairman at Seattle's Trading Musician, he gained an extensive knowledge of the inner and outer workings of a vast array of instruments. His focus is on building acoustic and archop guitars and he makes several models which are a distillation of the best design ideas drawn from the classic instruments. He also makes electric guitars.


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