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Noble (Duane)

Duane Noble makes acoustic guitars, harp guitars and ukuleles by hand in his Richland, Washington workshop. In 1997 Noble was inspired to start making guitars, after seeing an acoustic harp guitar for sale in the Dusty Strings music shop in Seattle. He started out guided by the book "Guitar Making, Tradition and Technology" by Bill Cumpiano and Jonathan Natelson and by 1998 had made his first guitar - an acoustic 6 string. What started as a hobby soon grew into something bigger and in 2004 Noble built a shop and moved his business out of his garage. By 2006 the business became a full time job.

Source: Duane Noble website (27 August 2018)


Norma brand guitars, basses and other instruments were made in Japan for distribution by Strum and Drum of Wheeling, Illinois from 1957 to 1972 at least.

Source: Norma catalogs


The Nobe guitar brand originated in 1945. Masaji Nobe (active until the 1970s at least) was the best known of the family, but his brother Kuniharu Nobe and son Masafumi Nobe are also highly regarded guitar makers.


Don Noble was an accordion player in pre-war Chicago who founded Don Noble and Co. Inc. a musical instrument distribution company in the late 1930s. As an importer of Italian accordions he was in an ideal position to import Italian made guitars when many of the accordion companies switched to making them in the early1960s. Intially Noble distributed Crucianelli made electrics but by 1963 the company had agreed a deal with Wandré to make Noble branded guitars. By the mid 1960s Noble guitars were being made in Japan. There were also Noble branded amplifiers

Source: Don Noble catalogs 1966 - 1967


The National Institute of Music and Arts (NIOMA) was founded in 1932 by Harry Baxter and Mary Strnad in Seattle, Washington. Another branch was opened in Los Angeles in 1934. NIOMA was a music school offering classes in music and the performing arts, they also distributed instruments, accessories and sheet music. There were at least seven NIOMA branded guitar models – three acoustic guitars, two resophonic guitars, and two electric lap steel guitars. There were also NIOMA amplifiers. NIOMA was closed in 1952.

Source: Nioma Guitars. Peter Blecha. Vintage Guitar Magazine. January 2014.


Nikko brand electric, acoustic and classical guitars were available. Nikko appears to be a budget brand name.

Newman (Shaun)

Shaun Newman make classical and flamenco guitars as well as other stringed instruments in Crediton, Devon, UK. Newman began making guitars in the mid 1990s and was initially self-taught but then spent some time with David Oddy of Exeter who passed on some of his skills and techniques.

Source: Shaun Newman Guitars website

Newman (Richard)

Richard Newman is a classical guitar maker, based in the UK, who makes high quality handmade guitars in his workshop in Ascot, Berkshire.  He has closely inspected many master guitars such as Hermann Hauser, Santos Hernandez, Hernandes y Aguado and D. Friederich to develop his own styles and experiment with building techniques over the years. He bases his current designs largely on the traditional style of Antonio de Torres. Due to the endagered status of rosewood, Newman also offers a maple backed classical guitar (which was often used in 19th century instruments before rosewood became popular).

Source: Richard Newman Guitars website (1 August 2018)


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