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NBN Guitars was founded in Longmont, Colorado by ex employees of ODE banjos. ODE had been sold to Baldwin in 1966. The founders were Monty Novotny, Reb Bennett, and Bernie Nettesheim - who developed prototypes from 1967 onwards before launching the company in 1969. Bernie Nettesheim soon left but the others carried on until 1976.


Gary Nava studied on the Modern Fretted Instrument course at the London College of Furniture in the 1970s and on graduation he worked at the London Guitar Gallery where he made and repaired guitars. In the 1980s he studied for an engineering degree and went on to teach Design Technology before evenutally returning to full time guitar making around 2003.

Source: Nava Guitars website (21 July 2018)

Naprstek (Lubos)

Lubos Naprstek was born in Czechoslovakia in 1964. As a teenager with help from some local luthiers, Lubos began to restore, and repair stringed instruments and by the age of 17, Lubos had made his first classical guitar. He emigrated to the USA in 1983 where he settled first in Boston and then Miami where he continued his repair work. After a handful of successful builds, Lubos started building custom instruments full time in 2003. Now in Hamburg, New Jersey.

Source: Lubos Naprstek website (20 July, 2018)


Seiichi Nakanishi (born 1939) established the Nakanishi Music Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 1958 in Konan, Aichi, Japan. He made guitars, ukuleles, banjos and mandolins - but mostly ukuleles producing around 300 a year when he had 3 employees. Seiichi Nakanishi retired in 2005 and his apprentice Hayato Siihara took over the factory.

Nakade (Sakazo)

Sakazo Nakade and his brother Rokutaro Nakade apprenticed with violin maker Kinpachi Miyamoto in 1930’s. The Nakade brothers travelled to Spain in the 1950s to learn about guitar making from Ramirez and  Hernandez & Aguado. Both were highly regarded as makers of classical guitars in Japan. Rokutaro Nakade died in the early 1970s but Sakazo made guitars until his death in 1993 (aged 87). Sakazo's sons Teruaki, Toshihiko and Yukio Nakade joined him in guitar making in the 1970s as did Rokutaro's son Osamu Nakade - all these names may appear on classical guitar labels.

Source: Sakazo Nakade guitar advert


Nagoya acoustic guitars were made in Japan for Veneman Music of Maryland.

Source: Veneman Music catalog 1970s

Myers (Oren)

Oren Myers is an English classical guitar maker who studied English Literature at university, but after completing his studies decided to teach himself to make guitars. He made his first instrument in the garage at home but is now based in a workshop near Goring-on-Thames, in Oxfordshire. At the outset he received help and advice from Christopher Dean and in 2007 attended the guitar making course run by Jose and Liam Romanillos in Spain. Myers' classical guitars are made using traditional construction techniques but his designs are not copied from any one particular instrument or maker.

Source: Oren Myers website (11 July 2018)

Myers (Chris)

Chirs Myers started building guitars in the early 1980s. He made own version of a Gibson Les Paul using a power drill and a saber saw and it turned out well enough to sell. He then moved onto making an archtop in 1983 while working with a cello maker in South Boston. Myers started the archtop in 1983 but didn't have a chance to finish it until 2001. At this stage in his life he became more serious about guitar making and developed a friendship with Mark Campellone who was a valuable source of advice, wood, tools and contacts for Myers. Myers currently build archtops in Norton, MA and offers 2 standard models: the Orpheum and the SC.

Source: Myers guitars website (11 July 2018)


Randy S. Muth work for a number of years in Pharmaceuticals before he began to make guitars in 2004. He has been buidling guitars professionally since around 2007 and is based in Hamilton in central New York State. Muth uses his scientific training to refine his guitar designs and (circa 2018) offers four models or sizes: the S14 (Grand Concert, 00), the S15 (Orchestra Model, 000), the S16 (Small Jumbo, 0000) and the S16J (Jumbo, J45/AJ). He also offers nylon crossover guitars in his two smallest sizes (N-14 and N-15).

Source: RS Muth website (10 July 2018)



Don Musser made his first guitar in 1976 - it ended up with actor Peter Fonda and his second one was bought by Tom Rush. Although he studied chemistry in university, his early success in guitar making led Musser to a career in luthiery. Musser also had a keen eye for high-end tonewood and his main business was selling wood to other luthiers. The very best timber was reserved for his own instruments - high-end acoustic guitars in  dreadnought, orchestra, parlor, classical and jumbo styles.  In 2003 he relocated from Colorado to Silver City, New Mexico.


Dr. Alfio Leone (1928 - 2015) was a maker of traditional Italian musical instruments. He learned his trade over many years and founded his own factory in 1950 in Catania, Sicily. In 1958 he changed the name to Musikalia and worked there for many years, eventually passing on the company to his daughter. Musikalia offer a range of acoustic and classical guitars as well as mandolin family instruments and other traditional Sicilian instruments.

Source: Musikalia website (10 July 2018)

Source: NAMM history - Dr Alfio Leone (10 July 2018)


Tim Mullin trained as a forester and tree geneticist and has worked as such around the world. At the same time he has developed skills in wood working and guitar making, and is beginning to make a new career out of guitar making.

Source: Tim Mullin website (6 July 2018)


Kevin Muiderman trained with master guitar makers Ivon Schmukler and Alan Chapman at Leeds Guitar Maker's School in Northampton MA in the 1990s. As well as learning traditional construction techniques Kevin learned Alan Chapman's methods for designing and building carbon fiber, lattice braced guitars. Muiderman uses graphite composite bracing for his innovative “double top” guitars which are gaining attention from professional players around the world. He builds classical and acoustic guitars as well as mandolins and mandolas.

Source: Muiderman Guitars website (6 July 2018)


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