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West Edge

West Edge Guitars was established in Ontario, Canada by Bill Hutnik. Hutnik first started constructing instruments in his Windsor home when he was 14 years old in 1975. He opened his first store at the age of 18. There are thousands of models out there today that were labeled Hutnik Instrument Design. West Edge Guitars was launched as a new brand and the guitars and basses are made on the West Edge of Algonquin Park.

Source: West Edge Guitars website (17 September 2021)


The Painted Player (TPP) Guitar Company, is a team of dedicated luthiers, artists and musicians based in the UK that specialises in making detailed and authentic tribute and custom guitars. Their range of guitars is divided into 3 separate series: Artistic, Relic and Custom Shop,and within those categories each individual design can be ordered in varying 'Editions' at different price points.

Source: The Painted Player Guitar Company website (17 September 2021)


Boston was a brand name of P&R Howard Music Ltd in Scotland - for guitars, folk instruments and drums. The P&R Howard company grew to a turnover of £4.6 million in 2005 and operated out of a warehouse in East Kilbride as the largest distributor of musical instruments in Scotland. The company went out of business in September 2013.

Source: Boston Guitars website (archived 2010)


At the age of 10, Luthier Bill Hodge developed an interest in woodworking and has pursued that interest with a passion from that day forward. Bill began learning to play guitars at the age of 12 in the early 1970's.  In 1999 he began a remodeling business during which he crafted many custom built in woodworking projects in homes and businesses. In 2004 his efforts evolved into a custom wood furniture business which he operated from his shop at home. In 2005 Bill began building his first guitar to fulfill his decades long dream of building "a guitar". In spite of being a master woodworker Bill began to realize there's a lot more to creating a finely crafted musical instrument than just being a highly skiled woodworker. To fast forward a bit, after having studied books by Cumpiano, Kinkaide, and Courtnall, Bill opted to take a course under Master Luthier Charles Fox at the American School of Lutherie.


Millimetric instruments are hand made in Montreal by Florian Bouyou. Bouyou studied graphic and furniture design and this design background is evident in his well thought out and unique electric guitars. Millimetric intruments have a clean and simplistic style - the peghead and bolt-on neck show a Travis Bean influence. The guitars are usually made to order: you can choose your pickups, neck profile, colors, wood.

Source: Millimetric Instruments website (28 July 2021)


Colin Warling began making guitars as a teenager and graduated from the Roberto-Venn School of Luthierie in 2008. He returned home to Los Angeles to work as a repair tech at Westwood Music. In 2009 he began working in San Pedro, for Jim Ellsberry, building and developing prototypes and tools for a production-level archtop guitar.  In 2010 he was hired by Roland Belloir, to help build a new guitar shop, The Fretted Frog in Echo Park, Los Angeles.  He was the resident Luthier/sole employee. The shop moved to Pasadena in 2014. Warling left for Portland, Oregon in 2017 where he opened a small guitar shop, Taborella Music & Vintage, in 2018 with his partner, Amanda. The Covid 19 pandemic forced the closure of the shop and Warling enrolled full time as a student at Portland State University. He still makes custom guitars in his spare time.


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