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Slick electric guitars and basses are designed in collaboration with Earl Slick and sold by GF Sales. The brand was launched around 2014 and they are finished in a thin layer of automotive paint, sanded it back to reveal the wood. Hardware is brass and they use Slick designed pickups - which are also available to buy separately.

Roman Rist

Roman Rist is an American luthier and founder of one of the original custom shops in the 1980s in Hollywood, California. His celebrity client list is long and includes: Billy Idol, INXS, Alice Cooper, Steve Vai, The Commodores, Mike Kenealy, Bad Company, Yngwie Malmsteen, Yes, Cheap Trick, Don Henley, Poison, Ratt, Guns and Roses, Charlie Sexton, Tom Petty, Taj Mahal, Lita Ford, Masters of Reality, Hole, The Wallflowers, Jethro Tull, Bobby Blue Bland, Jay Gore (Hillary Duff), Gary Moore, the Angels, John Mayall band, Patti Labelle, Chris Impelliterri, Chris Korblein, Kiss, Prince, The Steve Morse band, Bernie Taupin, Guitar world Magazine, Seal, Van Halen, Kingdom Come, Ronnie James Dio, Lisafer, Krokus and Dave Amato.

Source: Roman Rist website (archived 2005)


Lever Guitars are made by Tim Lever in the UK. Tim previously worked for many years as a song writer, record producer and musician. He learned his guitar & bass making skills over 7 years with John Shuker before launching his own workshop. He makes each guitar and bass by hand to his customer's specifications but has a range of standard models including the Arcana, Comsat, Diablo, Gallante, Cimeron and Inici.

Source: Lever Guitars website (11 April 2023)


Gunnar Davidsson is a Swedish luthier best known for his custom electric basses. He also makes electric and acoustic guitars, electric violins & upright basses.

Source: Davidsson Guitars Facebook page (11 April 2023)

Henman Bevilacqua

Henman Bevilacqua (Hen-Bev) guitars started in 2005, when guitar maker Scotty Bevilacqua approached his long time friends, Paris and Graham Henman, to start an electric guitars brand. Paris and Graham would bring their design, fashion and film world experience to the table and Scotty, his craftsmanship, quality and his insistence on ultimate tone. Two years later at NAMM 2007 they exhibited their prototypes. Henman-Bevilacqua Guitars was born. The range included the Rocka and Mod guitars and the Rola bass. The instruments licensed Dave Bunker's tension free neck design (Bevilacqua had previously apprenticed with Dave Bunker). Around 2010 Scotty Bevilacqua left the company and it became Henman Guitars.


Cherman Guitars was founded in 2018 in Buenos Aires by German García Duran a sound engineer and guitar and bass builder. The Cherman range includes original electric guitar designs: the Coral, Valencia, India and Coral JR as well as the Emma bass. Cherman can also make custom guitars inspired by the classic strat and tele models.

Source: Cherman Guitars website (22 January 2023)

Black Creek

Black Creek Musical Instrument Company was founded by Chris "Lumpy" Hofschneider. Hofshneider was from upstate New York and had gained experience building instruments with guitar makers in the Woodstock area such as Stuart Spector, Harvey Citron, and Joe Veillette. Hofschneider was also a long time associate of Michael Tobias  and a guitar tech for Richie Sambora. He built NYS electric guitars to custom order, costing around $2500 circa 2001. Also made Time Square branded guitars (used by Walter Becker of Steely Dan and Richie Sambora). Chris Hofschneider passed away in 2016.


Runt Guitars is a Japanese electric guitar and bass maker founded in 2016 by luthier Masahiro Goto. The company is named "Runt" after Todd Rundgren's first album. Circa 2016 there were 5 standard models: Sakura, Red, Shimaenaga, Goldmine and Yura. These original designs are inspired by the wild animals that inhabit Hokkaido and feature organic lines with ergonomics in mind. To reduce the stresses on the left-hand, the necks have an asymmetrical profile with a thinner 1st string side as standard. They can also offer customization of the standard models or even complete custom designs.

Source: Runt Guitars website (31 October 2022)


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