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Malone Guitars

Malone Guitars is a boutique guitar maker and repair workshop, based in Billericay, Essex, UK. Owned and operated by luthier Ian Malone, Malone Guitars hand-build a small number of high quality electric and acoustic guitars every year. The majority of their guitars are built by commission to customer specification, with occasional unique builds sold direct through the Malone Guitars web shop.


Oliver Specht has been building instruments since 1991. From 1991 to 1993 he studied guitar building with Michael Dunn at Douglas College. The next year he started Specht Guitars while also studying cabinet-making and woodworking at BCIT. From 1995-2005  he repaired musical instruments with Paul Iverson at Calder Music and at Tom Lee Music.  From 2005-2011 he designed and built various electric and acoustic guitars, basses and baritone guitars. He exhibited some of these guitars at the Montreal Guitar Show. Since then he has also repaired and serviced guitars for Long & McQuade in Nanaimo.

Source: Specht Guitars website (20 October 2020)


Sozo Guitars was founded in 2004 by Brian Robinson since 2004. Early on he designed and patented the Sozo body style. The guitars & basses are made in Korea and feature Sozo's signature unfinished neck which aims to have the tone and sustain of a set neck guitar, with the feeling and wear of a bolt on. They have a patented chambered body with a solid center block running the length of the body.

Source: Sozo Guitars website (20 October 2020)


Sorina electric guitars and basses  - originated in Korea in the 1970s. These usually have a small red "New Gibson Electric" logo on the peghead. Most likely made for the Korean domestic market but some found their way to the USA in the hands of military personell stationed in Korea.

Ron Smith

Ron Smith (born 1955) did a 4 year apprenticeship program to become a journeyman tool and die maker. He began making instruments in 1997 and was inspired by a Bob Benedetto TV show to start making archtop guitars. In 2008 he found himself unemployed so decided to put his efforts into making guitars and basses. Since then, he has taken his guitars to trade shows in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

Source: Ron Smith Guitars website (24 September 2020)


Sekova was a brand name of U.S. Musical Merchandise Corp of New York who sold Sekova acoustic guitars. electric guitars, basses, folk instruments, amplifiers, effects and accessories in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Source: 1967 - 1973 Sekova catalogs


Schafer guitars, basses and amplifiers were made in Japan (and later Korea) from the 1960s onwards. The brand may have been owned by Schafer and Sons  -  a piano company established in 1955 by Vern Schafer in Colton, California.


Saturn guitars were made in Japan in the late 1960s and 1970s. Saturns were sold in Canada via Eatons mail order catalog.

Source: Eatons catalog, 1968 & 1971


Satellite guitars and basses were made in Japan in the 1970s. The range included Strat and Les Paul copies as well as original designs.

Source: Satellite 1970s catalog


Don't know much about their History and that's why I am desperately trying to find out it online. There is no Information about the brand online. None. They are legitimate though I believe.

They made electric and bass guitars: the neck plate states "Sparkle professional guitars since 1960".


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