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The Steinberger name has become synonymous with innovation, advanced technology and a new tradition of instruments. It all began in l979 with Ned Steinberger‘s remarkable bass design, the L2. This unusual headless, all-composite bass created a sensation with artists and press alike. This bass was eventually awarded "Design of the Decade" by the Designers Society of America.

Beautiful to look at and a marvel of ergonomic design, the original Steinberger bass design also had superior performance. Composite construction provided improved sonic response, resulting in enhanced sustain and clarity. The material’s high rigidity meant, among other things, that a Steinberger neck would never warp. The headless design itself led to the development of Steinberger's ingenious Double-Ball system, which brought high levels of tuning precision to the instrument.


The Stagg brand was introduced by distributor EMD Music, as their first house brand in 1995. Global sales of Stagg products expanded to the point that Stagg now provides most of EMD's revenue.


Silver Star is a brand name of the Korean Un Sung Musical Instrument Company, founded in 1987. Un Sung also make instruments for export under other brandnames, producing around 50,000 electric guitars every year.

In 2004 the Un Sung company employed around 160 staff, with exports worth $11,600,000.


The Regal Musical Instrument Company was one of the big American musical instrument makers. The Regal brand had its roots in Indianapolis in the Lyon & Healy company but was spun off as a separate company in 1908. The Chicago Regal factory made stringed instruments for Lyon & Healy, but also supplied many other distributors with house brands including the Montgomery Ward catalog. Regal was well known for making resonator instruments but this ceased at the start of World War II and by 1955 the production of all fretted instruments stopped.

The Regal brand name was revived by Fender in 1965 for a series of banjos. In 1987 the Saga Musical Instrument Company aquired the Regal brand name and resumed production of Regal resonator guitars.


The Hondo guitar company was originally formed in 1969 when Jerry Freed and Tommy Moore of the International Music Corporation (IMC) of Fort Worth, Texas, combined with the recently formed Samick Company. IMC's intent was to introduce modern manufacturing techniques and American quality standards to the Japanese and Korean guitar manufacturing industry. The Hondo concept was to offer an organized product line and solid entry-level market instruments at a fair market price. The original Korean products were classical and steel-string acoustic guitars. In 1972, the first crudely built Hondo electrics were built. However, two years later the product line took a big leap forward in quality under the new Hondo II logo. Hondo also began limited production of guitars in Japan in 1974. Hondo acoustic guitars were particularly noted for having a sweet tone.


The Hoyer company began in 1874 when Franz Hoyer, son of  a German luthiery family, opened his own workshop in Schönbach/Egerland, Germany. He started making lutes and zithers but soon added classic and folk guitars to the line up. His son Joseph Hoyer carried on the company. Following the war the Hoyer family found themselves now within the Czechoslovakia (after the borders had been redrawn). Along with many ethnic German instrument makers the family left Schönbach and moved to Tennelohe near Erlangen in Germany.


Robert Godin founded Godin in La Patrie, Quebec in 1972. Godin guitars are assembled in its Richmond, Quebec and Berlin, New Hampshire factories. The necks and bodies are all made in Godin's original location in La Patrie, Quebec. Godin Guitars makes instruments under several different brand names which include the acoustic guitar lines: Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Minstrel, Norman, LaPatrie and Art & Lutherie. They also make the revolutionary TRIC guitar case.

Source: Godin website (18 July 2017)


Thomas Garnet Gillies (Gar Gillies) founded the Garnet Amplifier Company in the mid 1960s in Winnipeg, having worked in the TV and radio repair business. By the early 1970's Garnet Amplifiers were firmly established in the Canadian market and began to export to the USA. Although Garnet was best known for its Canadian made valve amplifiers there were also Garnet electric guitars and basses which were made in Japan in the 1970s. Garnet Amplifiers ceased trading in 1989.

Source: Garnet Amplifiers website (7 July 2017)



Fritz Brothers Guitars was started in 1988 by  Roger and John Fritz in Mobile, Alabama. Since then they have have been joined by Roger's wife, Christy. They relocated to Albion in Mendocino County in 1999. They have created custom guitars for some of the greats, including Aerosmith, George Harrison, Roy Buchanan, Keith Richards, Darryl Jones, Randy Jackson, Gary Moore, Bill Bottrell and the Bangles.

Source: Fritz Brothers website (4th June 2017)


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