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Bacce is the brand name of Daniel Cabezas a custom guitar maker based in Madrid. In 2016 Daniel Cabeza was awarded the Charter of Artisan and the workshop was awarded the Charter of Artisan Business in Madrid.


Rafael Villanova Bazaga apprenticed as a cabinet maker before making his first guitar at age 16. Bazaga specialises in custom electric guitars but also makes basses and the occasional acoustic guitar.


Pitway electric guitars and basses are completely handcrafted with many custom options. Pitway electric guitars and basses can be supplied entirely solid or with semi-hollow bodies, lacquered with clear varnish or waxed or oiled on request. Each model is unique and is only produced once.


Mark Bluett is a master luthier operating out of York, Pennsylvania. With 31 years of experience Mark's instruments are sold around the world and have received critical acclaim from such institutions as the Peabody Conservatory.



Xylem custom guitars and basses are made in Colorado. by Luthier Anthony Olinger. Ollinger was a Les Claypool fan and bass player who started making instruments while still in college. He started Xylem Handmade Basses and Guitars in 2007 and set up a workshop in Durango, Colorado.  Olinger is careful to ensure the comfort and playability of his instruments and they are also more lightweight than many mass produced guitars & basses.


Chris is the brand name of luthier Chris Petit. Originally from Meaux en Seine et Marne Chris Petit left his job in the automotive sector to work as a guitar maker, restorer & repairer.  Since 2014, Petit has also been a trainer at the center for trades art of Breteuil in Oise, where he teaches luthiery.


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