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Legacy electric guitars were formerly sold by Billy Hyde stores in Australia. Models resembled popular Gibson and Fender models. Emerald (Chrome) and Diamond (Gold) models reflect higher appointment levels.

In 2008, my Legacy LP emerald seemed to be better quality than any Epiphone models. Twelve years later it still works as new. It is not as nice to play as a Gibson, but it looks and sounds quite good.


RockJam is a budget electric guitar and amplifier brand, made in China. Circa 2020 these were sold in the UK by Argos shops and online at Amazon-  as a £99 starter kit including amplifier and strap.


Danou custom guitars are made in Switzerland by Daniel Meier. Meier started his own joinery business in 1997 and at the same time began to develop the construction of his own guitars. Initially he was building primarily electrical instruments, but later on he began making acoustic guitars as well. He learned acoustic guitar construction techniques from master luthier Karl-Heinz Römmich.  He is a proud member of the European Guitar Builder Association (EGB). Each Danou guitar is hand-made incorporating the customer’s individual wishes. Meier's designs are clever and original - his Celtic design has a curved wooden frame which forms the outline of the guitar. He has developed the Celtic idea further with his Galileo model - a revolvable doubleneck makes the guitar a true hybrid acoustic /electric.


Danocaster is a five-person operation in Nashville, Tennessee, headed by Dan Strain. Danocasters are custom made "vintage" guitars styled from the classic 50s/60s models made from bodies and necks pre-cut from a U.S. supplier, but all are exclusive and done to custom specs derived from Strain’s own collection of vintage Fenders.


Antonio "Tunico" D'Andretta graduated in Computer Networks and a robotics course, and worked with technology and electronics for 15 years. But he then made his hobby of customizing guitars and basses into a profession. He started the luthiery course at B&H Escola de Luthieria in 2015. In September of the same year, he combined his experience in electronics and his passion for musical instruments and opened Dandretta. He was joined in 2016 by Diego Freixedelo - who since 2010 had been making Freixedelo custom instruments before becoming a partner in Dandretta.


Stefano Zanderighi and Marco Golinelli started working together in 2001, a project that would eventually lead to the establishment of the Liuteria d’Insieme workshop in 2004. Both were students of Tiziano Rizzi and Lorenzo Lippi for the construction of musical instruments and Gabriele Negri for restoration, and they mainly work on plucked string instruments. Stefano Zanderighi works on classical and steel string guitars. After a long and detailed study of the instruments and methods of the great classical builders, he has developed his own models .Marco Golinelli specializes in building instruments of the lute family as well as early guitars and mandolins. His work is characterized by great care in researching original models and early building and painting methods; the instruments he builds are distinguished by their great fidelity to original models, without losing sight of building details and obtaining a rich and dynamic sound.

Dal Broi

Paolo Dal Broi (born 1964) and began working with guitars around 1982. Over the years he worked in recording and production in the studio and live and also as sound engineer and producer / arranger. In 1998 he started working in a specialised guitar and bass shop where he further refined his construction and repair knowledge with his friend Valerio Gorla. He worked on set-ups, customizations, repairs, electronics and inlays. He now builds custom acoustic and electric guitars


Darren White founded Clare Guitar around 2010 to build custom stringed instruments using locally sourced woods. White has over thirty years of experience performing and writing music.


Daniele Sarchi is an Italian luthier who makes modern bass guitars and classical guitars under the BassCic brand name. Each instrument is handcrafted often taking hundreds of hours of work.

Dörr (Christian)

Christian Dörr is a German luthier who was born in 1963. He began making guitars while still growing up in Neustadt. He trained as a luthier for plucked instruments in Mittenwald and made his first concert guitar at the age of 20. He makes custom classical, acoustic and electric guitars as well as doing repairs.

C. Dufour

C. Dufour is a luthier based in the Montluçonnais basin in central France. He worked as a carpenter and then as a sound engineer, before learning luthiery with his friend Jérôme Michard who had studied at ITEMM in Le Mans. In 2013 he opened his own workshop where he does repairs and custom electric and bass guitar builds.

CP Thornton

Chuck Thornton founded CP Thornton Guitars in 2004 in Turner, Maine. Thornton makes a range of solid, semi-hollowbody and archtop guitars using innovative construction methods. His patented thinline hollowbody guitar design features neck-through construction and a uniquely sculpted neck joint.


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