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Alfonso Iturra

Alfonso Iturra makes electric basses and electric guitars in Chile. Iturra has been making instruments since the age of 16 but made his first bass for a paying customer at the age of 36. In the meantime he worked as the Art Director in an advertising company.


Valenti Guitars is based in Italy and run by experienced luthier Luigi Valenti. Valenti Guitars aims to create instruments that are pieces of art by themselves. Where nothing but aesthetic perfection is allowed, Valenti Guitars are constructed to be an extension of the musician’s imagination and skills, thanks to uncompromising sound and playability.

Personally selected tonewoods with more than 10 years drying process, top quality hardware and handwound pickups made specifically for each instrument, are the ingredients that you’ll find on every Valenti guitar and bass guitar. The customer is then involved in every step of the designing process, allowing maximum freedom of choice between standard and custom options for each model, in order to create a bespoke instrument every time.


Muhammad Satria Nugraha or more familiarly called Hanung (founder of Stranough Guitar) felt that the cost was too high to get an electric guitar with the specifications he wanted. In it, the pockets that he had to spend to have an Ibanez JEM 7FP finally moved him to create a custom version of the Ibanez JEM 7FP, at a more affordable price, of course.


After that he began to learn everything about the guitar from foreign forums. Finally, Hanung ventured to open a custom guitar workshop that was able to produce top-quality guitars, but at a more affordable price.

Astha Guitars

Astha Guitars is a social enterprise based on a unique partnership between the Swiss Guitar Company Brunner Guitars and the Indian NGO ACTS which is committed to wholistic development through projects that revolve around education, environment and health programmes.

Why “Astha”? 

āsthā आस्था is Sanskrit and means “confidence / hope”, and this is our mission! We want to transfer hope and new perspectives to the less privileged and and play our part in helping fight poverty in India, through high-quality guitar production.

Alpine Guitars

Alpine Guitar made in France


The French 'touch, the brand "French wood by French hands", the haute couture of electric basses.


Alpine Guitar works only in small series, French walnut is its spearhead and it revisits standards with class and elegance, high quality components with excellent violin making, icing on the cake: Its custom shop "Delachapelle" takes us out of unique models without limits!


Artrock Guitar Indonesia with factory based in East Java guaranteed that we only offer you with quality electric guitars and basses and therefore let you experience the best quality sound for your music.

Founded on 2009 as Indonesian electric guitar and bass brand, and growing to be a solid company to produce musical equipment globally

Artrock Guitars, Your Music with Style


Since 1993, we have specialized in manufaturing violin and guitar. You can find all kinds of musical instruments in our product line! Some related product information can be found at our website:

We are committed to providing you with the best value, high-quality products in our industry. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship has seen our company grow to become a leading musical instruments supplier in China.

Besides, we have QC team to control the quality of products. All the products you receive will be in good condition!

Nowadays Aileen Music is exporting its products to 105 countries and regions around the globe. Aileen Music has long-term dealings with numerous oversea clients and has built up a good reputation among them.

Rok Axe

Rok Axe guitars and basses were made from 1995 until around 2007 these were affordable instruments. The Rok Axe brand was owned by Music Industries Corporation of Garden City, New York (who also owned Jay Turser and Prime). The Rok Axe USA Performer series instruments were made in Korea.

Thomas Rodriguez

Tom Rodriguez has been building guitars for twenty years. He started out building electric guitars in 1986. Tom became interested in classical and flamenco guitars after working as a repairman in a store specializing in nylon string guitars. In 1995 Tom set out on his own to start Rodriguez Guitars. The response was so overwhelming to his classical guitars that he soon phased out all repair work. Tom Rodriguez handcrafts about fifteen guitars a year in his small studio. His guitars feature dome tops, arched backs, carbon fiber reinforced necks and his own unique asymmetrical lattice bracing. Rodriguez is a self taught luthier drawing inspiration from and working closely with his customers on design to come up with the rare guitar that combines exceptional craftmanship, superb sound and excellent playability. Rodriguez also makes electric guitars and basses under the Rodriguez Guitars brand name.


Rodie was a brand name of Edd Mandell Enterprises, Inc. of Danbury,  Connecticut. The company lasted from 1976 to 1980 and the Rodie range included electric guitars and basses (made in Japan) as well as solid state amplifiers.


Rockoon was a Kawai brand made in Japan the late 1980s early 1990s.They typically had Schaller hardware and are often branded "Schaller Rockoon". According to the Kawai Rockoon 1992 catalog:

"Rockoon is a high performance guitar created by the skilled and uncompromised crafstmanship of KAWAI. We have always been innovating the ideas and designs to continue our tradition of making high quality musical instruments of the finest material for progressive players. Our advanced domestic manufacturing facility allows such concept alive and remains the same as the solid foundation of our creativity.

We keep the musicians' needs in mind, it will be the innovative impulse which makes ROCKOON continue to grow."

Source: Kawai Rockoon catalog. 1992


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