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PureSalem Guitars

PureSalem Guitars is a small family affair based in Miami Florida USA. Formed in 2013 PureSalem continues to offer players a break from the norm. Road Tested & Artist Approved. Boutique quality at working musician prices.  PureSalem also boasts the best slogan in the biz "BOW DOWN UPON OUR CHURCH OF ACID ROCK"

Artist Roster Sample: Black Mountain, Deerhoof, Dandy Warhols, Froth, Sasami, Buffalo Tom, Dead Meadow, Slowdive, Flaming Lips, State To State, Editors, Psychic Ills, Medicine Boy, Vacant Lots, Warlocks and more.

***PureSalem is LEFTY OWNED !!!! - All models come in some variation of lefty and with no Upcharge. Companies that do that operate off GREED. It cost only a few dollars more to make a lefty then a righty. If you didn't know - NOW YOU DO !


Soulman Guitars was founded by Ron Lamoureux to provide affordable, well-made, custom guitars. All guitars are designed in Canada, hand made in China, and sent to the company’s headquarters in Winnipeg where they are inspected and set up ready for shipping. Soulman only build 6 guitars of one design style at a time. 

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Laurent Hassoun founded Roadrunner Guitars in 1994 in Nancy, France. Laurent develops and makes custom guitars (solid body, archtop, lapsteels, ukeleles), basses, resophonics, effects, amps, mikes and custom parts, Musicians such as Money Mark, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Billy Childish and the French Wampas Groups, Sanseverino and Silmarils joined Bo Diddley and Gibbons in using Roadrunner products. Around 2003, Laurent began to make his own parts for his guitars. All Roadrunner Guitars' products and parts are hand-made.

Source: Roadrunner Guitars website (7 October 2019)

Riverhead Unicorn Series

The Riverhead Unicorn series was introduced in 1984. The Riverhead Unicorns were headless basses and guitars with a Burns Flyte style body - which Riverhead called an "all new Aerospace design". The bass models were the RUB-1090 ($795), the RUB-1095 ($850) and the RUB-1100 ($950). There was also a Unicorn guitar - the RUG-2090 ($795). All models were available in graphite black, pearl white, silver, metallic red and metallic white finishes.

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Riverhead was a brand name of Headway. Established in 1984 by Satoshi “Kei” Yatsuzuka (founder of Headway Co., Ltd. and Deviser Co., Japan), Riverhead guitars and basses were produced in Japan from 1983 onwards and exported across the world, mainly to the United States, Canada and Europe among others.  Various electric guitar and bass models such as the Wizard Series, Jerk Series, Phantom Series, Jupiter Series, RS Series, and Unicorn Series. These instruments often had cutting-edge designs -  the Riverhead Unicorns for example were headless Burns Flyte style guitars. In 1984, due to the economic crisis in Japan, the production of Riverhead guitars stopped. The brand was revived in 1992 for the domestic Japanese market until 2005, when Kei Yatsuzuka established a manufacturing plant in the Philippines.


Gary Rizzolo is a Master Instrument maker and Craftsmen who has been making instruments since the late 1980s. Rizzolo has been involved in the music industry as a performer from the mid sixties which led to a passion for guitars. His qualifications include a Diploma of Teaching - TCAE and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - University of Tasmania. The Rizzolo Guitar Company makes high quality archtop, electric and bass guitars using European and American tone woods as well as Tasmanian timbers.

Source: Rizzolo Guitars website (2 October 2019)


RIM Basses are made by Robbie McDade. McDade is a toolmaker by trade who started making custom basses around 2004 .


Rigel mandolins are made by Pete Langdell in Jeffersonville, Vermont. Landell started making mandolins in the 1960s. He refined his designs over 20 years before starting the Rigel concept in the late 1980s. His idea was to carve the back and sides of the mandolin out of a solid block of wood using a milling machine, instead of the conventional method bending thin pieces of wood for the sides. The first prototypes were made in 1990 and Landell was soon promoting his new instruments at music festivals. Working with a team of craftsman and repair technicians, Rigel Instruments expanded through the rest of the 90s, eventually outgrowing their Cambridge, Vermont facilities to a large building in 2004.

Source: Rigel Mandolins website (3 September 2019)


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