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Stradi (Symphony Guitar Design)

Stradi is the brand name of Marek & Agnieszka Dąbek. Marek is Polish luthier, photographer and designer who founded the Stradi brand in 2002 to develop a range of electric upright basses, electric violins and bass guitars. Every instrument is hand made by Marek and Agnieszka and they build fewer than 20 instruments per year. The Dąbek's company is called Symphony Guitar Design.

Source: Stradi website (7 June 2019)


Avishay (Avi) Shabat graduated from the Algranati Guitar Making School in Israel before moving to Los Angeles to apprentice for guitar repair shops and work for a boutique guitar company. Avi spent the next four years building handmade instruments, and founded a company of his own, Guitar Groomer, where he restored and repaired guitars and basses from his home workshop. In 2012, Avi expanded his repair business and began designing and building his own instruments, launching a new line of handmade electric guitars and basses—Shabat Guitars.

Source: Shabat Guitars website (6 June 2019)


RediVivus was founded in Turin, Italy by Umberto Mari and his brother Massimo Mari. They began making their own instruments in the late 1980s - the RV series was launched in 1988, followed by the Jocker series and the Nichol series in 1996. The brothers also use the "Mari by RediVivus" brand name.

Source: Mari by RediVivus website (4 June 2019)


Mark Piper founded Redentore Guitars in 2007, in Nashville, Tennessee. The Redentore range includes archtop guitars, carved-top semi acoustic/electrics, the "LJ" (little jazzer), and the Redentore LJ Slimline acoustic bass. All are meticulously constructed, finished, and set up by Piper who has many years experience in guitar building and repairs for Nashville's pro musicians.

Source: Redentore Guitars website (4 June 2019)


Juha Ruokangas opened his first guitar making workshop in 1995 in Finland. In 1997 he launched the first Ruokangas standard model - the Duke. He has since been joined by a small team of luthiers and the range of designs now includes the Mojo, VSOP, Unicorn, Duke, Aeon and Hellcat guitars as well as the Steam bass.

Source: Ruokangas website (27 May 2019)


Raven guitars was a brand name of Great Western Imports Ltd of Vancouver from the mid 1960s onwards. Raven electric, acoustic and bass guitars were intially made in Japan for distribution in the USA and Canada - later ones may have been made in Korea or elsewhere.

Source: Raven catalog 1965


Rash Guitars was an Italian company located in Merate (Lecco) founded by Ruggero Ascione. Their handmade electric guitars and basses featured Italian woods, special finish colors and handmade pickups and were endorsed by a number of Italian guitarists. Their website was active from 2002 until 2015. Paolo Lardera worked with Ascione before taking over the workshop at 48 Via Statale and launching his own Blackbeard Guitars brand.

Source: Rash Guitars website (archived 2008)

Marconi LAB

Marconi LAB is an Italian guitar and bass maker, located in Cureggio in the Novara province. Marconi LAB was a traditional luthiery workshop for ten years before launching their website in 2011. Their website connects customers directly with Marconi with quotes for custom instruments generated in real time. Questions or clarifications are answered directly by David Torriani & Guido Brancalion luthiers of Liuteria Marconi. As well as complete instruments they offer necks and bodies.

Source: Marconi LAB website (12 May 2019)


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