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Ibanez Roadster Series

The Ibanez Roadster Series basses were introduced around 1979 and initially included the single pickup RS900 (active) and RS800 (passive) models. By 1981 the design was changed and the series included the RS824, RS840 (fretless) and RS924 models. The 1981 Roadster basses featured specially designed Super P4 and Super J4, these pickups had a custom balanced output. The RS924 also featured the Ibanez EQ-B2 two band equalization system. These had a brass "Roadster" truss rod cover.

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Montaya was a brand name of the Korean Hyosung Corporation who made Montoya guitars and basses from the 1960s to 1980s.


Moniker Guitars was founded in 2011 in Austin Texas by Dave Barry and Kevin Tully. Kevin came up with the idea for Moniker Guitars while playing guitar when he was supposed to be studying for the bar exam. In addition to providing legal guidance, Kevin did graphic design, sales, marketing and promotions, social media, fundraising, accounting, customer service and public relations. Dave was the luthier at Moniker and had been building guitars since 2003.  Moniker was founded on the belief that many guitar players want to own a unique instrument so Moniker provided them a website that made designing a custom guitar easy. Customers could choose their guitars shape, colors, parts and add custom text or graphics. Moniker made the guitars at their workshop in Austin, Texas and shipped them directly to customers within 4 weeks.


Alexander Claas makes high end electric guitars and basses in Burgdorf near Hanover, Germany. Claas was a professional furniture maker who turned his interest in instrument making into a full time career when he founded Claas Guitars. The Claas Moby Dick guitar & bass design was perfected in 2009 and employs an ergonomic headless design with an elongated neck joint and fanned frets.

Source: Claas Guitars website (8 June 2018)


In the 1970s Ken Lindemere established a music store with Joe Sallay in Vancouver which grew to be one of the biggest in the city. In 1977 they teamed up with Attila Balogh to found Odyssey Guitars. Odyssey had a small production factory making high end electric guitars and basses with a neck-through-body design. Lindemere left Odyssey in 1981 to study for an MBA, and Odyssey closed in 1982. For the next 22 years he ran various departments of his family's industrial distribution and manufacturing business until they sold it in 2002.  He relocated to Chile to set up a distribution centre and ended up settling there and building guitars again.


Odyssey Guitars was founded in Vancouver by Ken Lindemere, Joe Sallay, and Attila Balogh. Ken and Joe had a retail music store in Vancouver and Attila ran a guitar repair shop. Ken & Joe used Attila's services for any refinishing work. Over the years they became friends and in 1977 decided to start Odyssey: Joe was in charge of retail while Attila & Ken did the design and manufacture. By 1979 they had a total staff of 8 and were making around 50 instruments per month.


The Megatar is a 12-string extended range bass guitar optimized for two handed tapping techniques. The instrument was first introduced in 2000 as the Mobius Megatar, and made by a company founded in 1997 by Reg Thompson, Henri Dupony and Traktor Topaz. The instrument was redesigned in 2014 and is now known just as "the Megatar" and the company is now headed by Patrick Nicholas Anders

Source: Megatar website (7 June 2018)


MJT is run by Mark and Matt Jenny who specialize in reproducing classic old laquer finishes. They use thin nitrocellulose finishes in the same colors used by Fender from 1950 to 1965 and a use relicing process to give necks and bodies a worn vintage look. MJT can provide bodies, necks, kits or completed guitars or basses; typically in Fender style.

Source: MJT website (6 June 2018)


Mitre guitars and basses were made in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts from around 1983 to 1985. Mitre instruments were solid bodied electric instruments with original and somewhat unusual body shapes and super active EQ electronics.

Source: Mitre Guitars catalog 1985


Christian Mirabella began learning about the construction and restoration of  stringed instruments as an 11 year old in the early 1980s. He learned with James D'Aquisto and John Monteleone amongst others, before opening Mirabella Guitars in 1997. Cristian Mirabella is now regarded as a leading member of the new generation of archtop guitar makers as well as one of the top restorers of D'Angelico, D'Aquisto and golden era Gibson instruments.

Source: Mirabella Guitars website (1 June 2018)


The Milton brand name was introduced in 2013 by a UK guitar enthusiast "China Guitar Sceptic" - who runs a youtube channel reviewing Chinese guitars. Like Chapman Guitars - Milton Guitars were made in collaboration with the public who couold send in their suggestions for guitar designs.

There was also a handmade Milton acoustic guitar brand in Australia - which had nothing to do with the Chinese made Milton electric guitars.

Source: Milton guitars website (1 June 2018)


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