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Keith Urban

Keith Urban introduced his URBAN Guitar Collection in 2013 via Home Shopping Network (HSN). The initial line up featured two versions of the “Phoenix Edition” guitars — electric and acoustic/electric —  in Brazilian Burst, Emerald Brazilian Burst, Black and Vintage Natural Ivory.  It was part of a set that included an amplifier, strings, guitar strap, picks & instructional DVDs. Urban returned to HSN in 2017 and 2018 with more models including the Light The Fuse limited edition series.


underwood underwood guitars are custom made by a father and son operation located in yucca valley, california, usa minutes north of palm springs.


The Unisynth XG-1 electronic guitar was designed by the Suzuki Corporation USA and made in Japan by the Comnics Corporation. The XG-1 was a guitar shaped synth which had an FM sound chip, 6 strings (to trigger the notes & sense volume) and buttons on the fingerboard to control the pitch.

Standard Guitars

At Standard Guitars we're proud to craft the vintage guitars of today; true to vintage specifications and tonal qualities and completely manufactured by hand in the United States at trully affordable prices.

From the heart of Route 66 in the Southwest United States, we're here to bring back authenticity and pride to the guitar world. Our mission is not one that concentrates on the profit but one aimed at quality, tone and craftmanship at prices accessible to all musicians and guitar enthusiasts. 

We believe in hand-made craftmanship and attention to detail. Every instrument is crafted by hand and not CNC machines, no mass production lines, no outsorcing, and we used the same vintage methods used to build the vintage icons we so revere today. No shortcuts, no excuses.

Source: standardguitars.com (5 May 2021)


The Triumph brand name has been used by various companies over the years starting with Wolfram's Triumph acoustic guitars dating back to the early 1900s. Framus also made Triumph branded acoustics. Japanese made Triumph electric and bass guitars appeared from the 1960s onward included the Sonicmaster models - which were copies of Stratocaster and Precision bass designs.


Tucker Guitars was founded in 2000 in Hanalei, Hawaii by the trio of businessman John Tucker, John Morrall a journeyman wood craftsman and David Killingsworth a former member of the punk band Tubes. Tucker and Morrall were co-holders of a U.S. Patent covering around 20 innovations and materials used in the construction of Tucker Guitars.  It was Morrall’s suggestion to use Albizzia Falcateria, which is found around Kauai as the wood of choice for Tucker Guitars. Among the patented features of the guitar is a spline in the interior of the body of the guitar, which actually acts as a platform to which the bridge, pickups and neck all interconnect for the purposes of improved vibration.

Source: Tucker Guitars website (Archived 2005)


Truetone was a guitar brand of the Western Auto mail order company in the 1960s with instruments made by the big Chicago factories such as Kay. Circa 2021 Trutone is an effects brand founded by Bob Weil - initially as Visual Sound, in 1995. The brand was renamed Truetone in 2015.

Source: Truetone website (24 March 2021)

Anka Custom

The Company is Based in Houston Texas, Founded in 2010 by Dany Anka. AnkaCustom Offers a variety of high end instruments from classic inspired models to Modern unique designs, only using the best materials and parts!


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