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Ian Weston is a member of the Guild of American Luthiers who studied at the Totnes School of Guitarmaking in England. Weston apprenticed for 4 years at Luthierie MF in Montreal, and pursues ongoing education in the field.  Weston Instruments is also equipped with one of the few Plek machines in Canada, and is a memeber of the Plek service and support team. The shop is a service centre for both C.F. Martin, Santa Cruz and Taylor Guitars.

Source: Weston Instruments website (24 September 2021)

Wet Horse

Wet Horse made reliced strat and tele style electric guitars in the USA. The brand was active around 2016 - 2018 but does not appear to be in business circa 2021.


Wesley Guitars was a budget guitar brand founded by John Wesley in County Durham, UK.  Wesley studied guitar for three years in London at the Guildhall School of Music, the Guitar Institute of Technology and the Gateway School of Music, Sound Technology and Music Business studies. For 10 years he worked with a team at Wesley Guitars Ltd selling 25,000 guitars, basses, mandolins and banjos worldwide. These instruments were imported - but Wesley personally set many of them up. The Wesley brand has now been discontinued.

Source: John Wesley website (20 September 2021)

West Edge

West Edge Guitars was established in Ontario, Canada by Bill Hutnik. Hutnik first started constructing instruments in his Windsor home when he was 14 years old in 1975. He opened his first store at the age of 18. There are thousands of models out there today that were labeled Hutnik Instrument Design. West Edge Guitars was launched as a new brand and the guitars and basses are made on the West Edge of Algonquin Park.

Source: West Edge Guitars website (17 September 2021)


The Painted Player (TPP) Guitar Company, is a team of dedicated luthiers, artists and musicians based in the UK that specialises in making detailed and authentic tribute and custom guitars. Their range of guitars is divided into 3 separate series: Artistic, Relic and Custom Shop,and within those categories each individual design can be ordered in varying 'Editions' at different price points.

Source: The Painted Player Guitar Company website (17 September 2021)


Steve Weller is an artist and craftsman, who builds custom electric guitars. He has a degree in design and many years experience as a photographer but his two passions are guitars and cars. With Weller Guitars, Steve uses skills from his background to handcraft unique, beautiful custom guitars. Each of Steve’s guitars is handmade, one at a time.

Source: Weller Guitars website (17 September 2021)

Carson Crickmore

Phil Carson Crickmore was born in Melbourne Australia in 1956. In 1972 he began an apprenticeship in cabinet making and furniture making. On completing his apprenticeship Carson Crickmore began to show interest in the possibilities of building guitars, Eventually he started a small workshop in 1980 in Warrandyte Victoria and began to build his first guitars. Under the mentorship of Master Violin and Cello maker Warren Nolan Fordam, Carson Crickmore was introduced to stringed instrument making. In 1984 Carson Crickmore was accepted in to the State Craft Centre in North Melbourne Victoria and for the three years Carson Crickmore produced a large number of individually designed hand built guitars which were sold through his workshops and through retail. Over the following years Carson Crickmore has been consistently building and producing stringed instruments and is now building from his workshops in Castlemaine Victoria. He also teaches guitar making.

Alex Welch

Alex Welch made his first guitar as a 17 year old and went on to build several more guitars during his high-school years at Billanook College before making an acoustic guitar with Thomas Lloyd Guitars (TLG). Chris Wynne from TLG him a strong grounding in the fundamentals of building guitars. He studied furniture design at RMIT where he met Phil Carson Crickmore of Carson Crickmore guitars. Crickmore help him take his guitars to the next level. He now builds custom made acoustic and electric guitars in Melbourne. He also sets up and repairs instruments.

Source: Alex Welch Guitars website (achived 2015)


Boston was a brand name of P&R Howard Music Ltd in Scotland - for guitars, folk instruments and drums. The P&R Howard company grew to a turnover of £4.6 million in 2005 and operated out of a warehouse in East Kilbride as the largest distributor of musical instruments in Scotland. The company went out of business in September 2013.

Source: Boston Guitars website (archived 2010)


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