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Bryant Trenier has been making guitars since 1998. He specialises in archtop guitars - built in his one-man workshop in Uzes, France.  While still in his 20s he developed an affinity for the DʼAngelico New Yorker and made two of his own versions of that instrument. Over the years, he has restored, maintained and made detailed studies of fine instruments by John DʼAngelico, James DʼAquisto, and Gibson. Taking apart and reassembling these instruments taught Trenier the essence of a good archtop. Trenier previously had workshops in Seattle and then in New York before moving to France in 2016.

Source: Trenier Guitars website (2 March 2021

Tremo Twenty

Tremo Twenty was a 1960s Rose Morris electric guitar brand in the UK. The guitars were made in Japan by Teisco and were sold elsewhere as the Teisco MJ-2 or E-200 model.


Mark Tremblett was a maker of custom archtop guitars in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland.  Tremblett completed a Computer Studies Degree before getting at job the local music store where his responsibilities included repairing electronics in guitars and other electronic instruments, adjusting guitar set-ups and restringing guitars. He then worked at Garrison Guitars, where he learned the finer points of guitar assembly. After finding himself unable to afford a seven-string archtop guitar, he started building his own, developing a workshop in his basement at home. Mark spent many hours researching tools and methods when he wasn’t working on the guitar itself, and soon became passionate about guitar building. In 2006 Tremblett Archtops was born.

Source: Tremblett Archtops website (archived 2006)


Martin Tremblay made his first guitar in 1997 as part of an extracurricular program at Edouard-Montpetit College in Quebec. He went on to study Jazz guitar, and then took the luthier professional college program. In 2002 he started his own business building guitars. Since then he has spent 2 years working as an assistant to Mario Beauregard, and his current work is highly influenced by Beauregard.

Source: Martin Tremblay website (2 March 2021)

Travis Bean TB3000 (Wedge)

Travis Bean TB3000 (Wedge) electric guitar

The Travis Bean TB3000 is a rare Travis Bean electric guitar. It was the most expensive instrument in the Travis Bean range and had a carved wedge-shaped Koa body and block position markers. The TB3000 model had natural, single color or pearl finish options. This guitar had the Travis Bean 6061 grade aluminum neck - which came in 2 width options. There were 45 TB3000 guitars produced in total.

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Travis Bean TB1000A

Travis Bean TB1000A (Artist) electric guitar

The Travis Bean TB1000A (Artist) was a fancier version of the TB1000S (Standard). It had a carved book-matched Koa body, block position markers and an optional ebony fingerboard. The Artist model had natural, single color or pearl finish options. This guitar had the Travis Bean aluminum neck - which came in 2 width options. There were 755 TB1000A guitars produced in total.

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John McGuire

John McGuire was raised in a guitar manufacturing enviroment - his father is luthier Mike McGuire of Valley Arts Guitars fame. In 1993  Mike McGuire decided to move John and the rest of his family to Nashville to start a new career with the Gibson Custom Shop. John turned sixteen the next year started to work at Gibson’s Custom Shop after school. John studied an associates course in CAD and applied sciences, while at the same time getting experience in almost every department at Gibson Custom including sanding, fret filing, final assembly, and packing. He then started working full-time in engineering at Gibson Custom Shop where he designed  models including the Flying V Custom and the Flying V standard flame top.


Toyota guitars and basses were made in Japan in the early 1970s for the Hershman Musical Instrument Company of New York City.

Source: Hershman Musical Instrument Co. catalog 1971


Toredo instruments was a brand name of C Meisel Music Co, of New Jersey. Toredo guitars were made in Japan - some at least made by Kiso Suzuki. The range included electric guitars & basses, acoustic guitars as well as folk instruments like banjos and mandolins.

Toogood Guitars

toogood guitars luthier - chris toogood (b 1975) ukuleles, guitars, electrics toogood guitars are made since "2003, in grimsby, lincolnshire, england dating toogood guitars 4 digit serial number on inner label. aaxx. aa is the year of manufacture. xx is the rank of instrument that year. so 0315 would be the 15th instrument made in 2003." [source: chris toogood, email 2/3/2009]


Tonemaster was a brand name of the Imperial Accordion Company of Chicago. Tonemaster guitars were made by Crucianelli in Italy for distribution in the USA by Imperial - sometimes labelled Tonemaster by Imperial. Identical Crucianelli guitars were distributed elsewhere under different brand names - e.g. Elite, Ardsley, Baron, Crestone, Philharmonic, Reno, Supreme & Sorrento. Imperial also used their Tonemaster brand for amplifiers made by Estey.

Source: Fetish Guitars - Tonemaster ( February 2021)


Tomson was a budget Japanese mail order brand made by Kiso Suzuki in the 1970s and 1980s.

Source: Music Trade Japan - Tomson. (16 February 2021)


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