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Rono Strings is the brand name of Ron Oates of Boulder, Colorado. He handcrafts stringed instruments on a custom or semi-custom basis. Ron Oates makes acoustic & resonator guitars as well as basses but is best known for his mandolins including electric mandolins. Ron built his first instrument (a classical guitar) as a high school woodshop project in 1967 and he never stopped. Many years of building, repairing and restoring stringed instruments of all types has given Ron some good insight into what people want to play.

Source: Rono Strings website (Archived 2006)


FgN is a brand name of Japanese guitar maker Fujigen. Already a major OEM for top brands, Fujigen established the FgN brand in 2009 to attain a certain independence and to realize their own design ideas. FgN was intended for the overseas market and Fujigen opened two original custom houses in Ikebukuro and Daikanyama, Tokyo and a Japanese online shop for FUJIGEN / FGN brand guitars and basses.

Source: FgN website (23 March 2020)


Sugi Musical Instruments Ltd is a Japanese guitar and bass company founded in 2002 by Makoto "Nick" Sugimoto. Sugimoto has been working in the stringed instrument industry since the 1970s. In 1976, he went to United States to learn guitar repair from Kunio Sugai owner of Performance Guitar Co., also at Hoshino USA. He then returned to Japan and joined Fujigen Inc. from 1978 until 1992 and Fujigen Hirooka Inc. from 1993 when Fujigen Hirooka Inc. was established until 2002 . At Fujigen he worked in R&D, custom guitar building and engineering and took a leading role in Fujigen’s design and manufacturing for twenty years.

DS (Daniel Schär)

DS Custom Guitars is run by Daniel Schär in Bern, Switzerland. He builds electric guitar models in small series or custom models according to the customer's ideas. Also does repairs, modifications, service and maintenance work on all electrical and acoustic string instruments. (Except classical string instruments).


François Druet trained at the International Lutherie School of Antwerpen in Belgium, then spent four years assisting Thomas Féjoz in his workshop located in Ardèche. He is now based in the Jura, in Arbois when he makes archtop electric, acoustic and classical guitars


Andrew Drake builds handmade, custom bass guitars.  His range includes: semi-hollow, solid body, headless and fretless models which he offers in medium and long scale lengths. Andrew started building in 2005 and opened Drake Custom in 2010 in Nevada, Iowa, USA.


Dan Richter founded Dragonfly Guitars in 1994. He originally trained as an acoustic guitar-maker but also builds electric instruments, banjos, harps and various other stringed instruments. He also repairs both guitar and violin family instruments and is a professional guitarist performing, touring and recording with The Rakish Angles as well as with other projects. Richter also runs acoustic guitar making courses.

Dog Tired

Roger Cowan founded Dog Tired Guitars in Oklahoma as a guitar company which specializes in creating custom telecaster style guitars. With their Heritage Series, they honor Oklahoma history by creating guitars using wood from old structures around the state. Each guitar comes with a certificate of authenticity that details the history of the structure from which the wood was harvested. Their Heirloom Series is meant to help preserve pieces of family history by turning them into something more useable and more easily displayed. For example they can use wood from an old family homestead that's falling in, or great grandpa's ancient crib that's falling to pieces in the attic and use it to make a guitar.

Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek guitars is a brand name of De Haan Guitars. De Haan guitars was founded luthier Frank de Haan who had previously interned with Galloup in the USA and worked for Patrick James Eggle Guitars in the UK. He returned to the Netherlands in 2013 to launch his own guitar making company. 5 years later in 2018 he launched the Stoney Creek Guitars brand in collaboration with Ruben van der Kleij. They had international ambitions for their new brand and produced 5 different models: the Rochelle, Turmaline, Flint, Zircon and Boulder (bass). Since then other models have been added to the range.


DGN Custom Guitars, located in Southern CT, is a small one man shop run by Master Luthier Dan Neafsey.  Since 2010, Dan has been building the highest quality hand made custom guitars for discriminating clients around the world.


Denny's Guitars is a custom hand made electric guitar company based in Berlin and run by Denny Männel. The first Denny's guitar was made in 2012. Denny's guitars are not plain replicas of the iconic American designs - instead they fuse the classic shapes with fluent original designs.


Dan DeMars has designed guitars for over twenty years and has worked with legendary instrument designer Ned Steinberger.. For several years, Dan headed the marketing, advertising/promotion and artist relations functions for Ned’s concert string instrument company NS Design. While working with Ned, Dan established Musica Viridis, a consulting firm that facilitated the marketing operations of small-to-midsize makers of musical instruments. In this capacity, he continues to consult with several guitar companies.Ned’s influence encouraged Dan to develop DeMars Guitars into a viable commercial enterprise. In addition to being a guitar designer and builder, Dan holds an MBA.


Delm Guitars are made in Melbourne, Australia by Michale De Luca. All are hand made and the range includes traditional style archtops to unique contemporary designs.


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