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The Shane musical instruments brand was launched in the early 1980s. By the late 1980s the range included acoustic, electric and classical guitars. By 1993 the brand name was no longer in use

Sources: Shane catalog 1989; Trademark records 1982 - 1993


Sekova was a brand name of U.S. Musical Merchandise Corp of New York who sold Sekova acoustic guitars. electric guitars, basses, folk instruments, amplifiers, effects and accessories in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Source: 1967 - 1973 Sekova catalogs

Shergold Provocateur

Shergold Provocateur electric guitar

The Shergold Provocateur (SP01/SP02) was the second instrument released by Shergold following the relaunch of the brand by Barnes and Mullins. The Provocateur was designed by luthier Patrick James Eggle (who also does the set-up of the instruments)  and was launched in 2019. The Provocateur comes in 2 variations the SP01 and the SP02. Both are the same except for the pickup configuration: the SP01 has a P-90 at the neck and humbucker at the bridge, while the SP02 has 2 humbuckers.

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Skau was the brand name of Oscar Skau (1904 - 1980) a Norwegian musician and businessman. Skau played the banjo, in 1928 he played on the first record recording Columbia made in Norway. He was also a well known guitarist who played and recorded with Norway's most famous musicians of the era. In the 1930s he had his own band called Skau's quintet. Oscar Skau started his own music business in Wilhelm Thranesgate in Oslo, and was involved in the development of electrified guitars and amplifiers. In addition to various musical instruments, Skau sold both the Telrad amplifier that bore his name and self-designed Skau guitars.


Flip Van Domburg Scipio travelled from Holland to San Diego in 1980 to learn guitar making with Bozo Podunavac. In his 2 months with Bozo he made 2 guitars. He then enrolled in the London College of Furniture which had a six-story musical instrument building school one street from Tower Bridge in Whitechapel. He spent three years building instruments and obtained an ILEA Higher Education Council Diploma in musical instrument technology. In 1985 he started work at the Guild Guitar factory in Rhode Island. He worked there for three years as a repair man under Charlie Lavallee.After a break from the guitar business he returned to a job with Mandolin Brothers where he did repairs. He left in 1997 to start Scipio Guitars on Staten Island as a repair shop that also made guitars.

Source: Flip Scipio website (7 September 2020)

Jason Z Schroeder

Jason Z. Schroeder started making guitars in 1988 while still at high school in San Jose, California.  He carried on building while in still in college at CSU, Chico.   He started taking custom guitar orders while working as a hydrogeologist and founded Schroeder Custom Guitars in 2005.  He and his wife Elizabeth have been running Schroeder Guitars full time since 2007.  Jason was part of the Premier Builders Guild from its inception in  2009 until 2012.  His clients include rock stars like Lindsey Buckingham and Zac Brown.  He also established Schroeder Guitar Hardware as an offshoot of his custom guitars business.

Source: Jason Z. Schroeder website (12 August 2020)


Kurt Schoen has been making guitars since 2003. Originally based in Louisville, Kentucy he moved to Hood River, Oregon in 2006 and then Walla Walla, Washington in 2007. He specialises in custom rustic looking instruments including electric guitars, cigarbox guitars and resonator guitars.

Source: Schoen Guitars website (10 August 2020)

Mariner Custom Guitars

Since 2015, we’ve specialized in working with our clients to bring their self-designed dream to life by meticulously handcrafting their electric guitar from start to finish. We believe that each musician should not have to settle for what is available, but rather have an opportunity to design their own affordable custom guitar. To this end, we put you first, dedicating craftsmanship, superior intonation and sound, and enhanced playability. Unlike a major manufacturing production line, we focus on the details of what makes a great guitar — ultimately separating a guitar from a finely crafted instrument. 


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