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GIG 10 (Guitar Productions)

All GIG 10 Guitars are original designed and hand crafted. They are not CNC machined or major factory manufactured. They are individually built by David Gregson (aka: Web Slinger) in a small shop in Washington State, USA. David has been a lover of guitars and a player for over 40 years. He's been building guitars and basses for the last 15 years. Go to "GIG 10 Productions" on Facebook and check out GIG 10 Guitars for lots of photos and names of the different guitar models

Source: GIG 10 Facebook page (13 July 2019)


Rice Custom Guitars began in an Illinois basement in 1998, when Rich and Chris Rice created their first guitar as a father/son project. They launched Rice Custom Guitars in 2005, growing through word of mouth. Today, they still work together out of Arlington Heights, making electric guitars and basses.

Source: Rice Custom Guitars website (11 July 2019)


Revved Guitars was started in 2009 by Jason Hallett in a Northern California garage. Hallet invented a wireless guitar that could be inductively charged while it sits on a stand. He was unable to find guitar companies interested in the idea so he started building the guitars himself.

Source: Revved Guitars website (5 July 2019)

Revell (Tony)

Tony Revell is a UK maker specialising in small bodied acoustic guitars who also makes other instruments including mandolins, electrics and basses. Revell has been building since 1976.


The Revelation brand was introduced in the 1990s by Hohner. The brand was discontinued in the mid 1990s and Hohner sold off its UK premises to Sutherland Trading Co Ltd. Sutherland became the official distributior of all Hohner products for the UK and Ireland and also inherited the Revelation name. Sutherland relaunched the Revelation brand in 2010, with input from Alan Entwhistle who had worked on the original Hohner Revelation designs. Revelation guitars are made in China.

Source: Revelation Guitars website (3 July 2019)


Reuter electric and acoustic guitars are made in Arizona by John Reuter - director of training at Roberto Venn School of Luthiery.

Source: Reuter Guitars website (3 July 2019)


Ruben Beck was born in Heidelburg, Germany in 1977,  He studied Art in Monash University and then went to work in the final assembly division at Maton Guitars in 2005.  In 2009, Ruben graduated from Holmesglenn Institute being awarded the highest honours in Fine Furniture Making and receiving a Craftsmanship Award for his final creative piece.  In the same year, Ruben also received an award from the Australian Wood Review for his use of reclaimed timber in his guitars. In 2010, Ruben was selected to be the next head of Maton repairs, and apprenticed with Luthier Chris Ffinch for two years.  After completing a Diploma of Business Management in 2012  he launched Ruben Guitars as a bespoke guitar making company.

Source: Ruben Guitars website (27 June 2019)


Renaissance (acrylic)

Renaissance electric guitars and basses were made from clear acrylic (trade name Plexiglass or Lucite). Renaissance was founded in 1977 in  Malvern, Pennsylvania by John Marshall. Marshall had learned guitarmaking from Eric Schulte and Augie LoPrinzi,. He was joined by two other partners, Phil Goldberg and Dan Lamb. Production of the Renaissance SPG started in 1978 with clear, smokey grey or black acrylic bodies and all the instruments had DiMarzio pickups with active cictuitry. John Dragonetti joined the company in 1979, but by this time the business was in financial trouble. The instruments were not profitable and suffered from some design problems - Dragonetti set about redesigning the line. He dropped the active electronics, thinned down the bodies, introduced a BC Rich body style, and used standard components instead of making them in house.


Remus electric and acoustic guitars were made in Japan from the 1970s on, for distribution in Australia.

Reid (David Antony)

David Antony Reid is a custom guitar maker based in Perth, Scotland. He started making acoustic guitars in 1998, before completing an engineering degree. He then studied luthiery and went on to invent several modern guitar construction innovations such as the double-edged-scalloped fretboard, the ergonomic guitar neck, the dual compensated saddle, the multiple frequency soundboard and the multiple diffraction/reflection back. Reid is known for his use of reclaimed and recycled materials, such as 3000+ year old bog oak, 100 year old fallen sequoia, re-claimed old Cuban and Brazilian mahogany which had previously been fire surrounds, bank counters and staircase posts; English fruit trees, sycamores and maples which fell during the 1987 hurricane in the south of England.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster Guitars are custom made in Los Angeles by Mike Margolis. Red Rooster guitars typically have light pine bodies, often with metal or croc skin banding inlaid into the sides  give a  vintage retro look. The hardware and electronics are usually telecaster style although body shapes differ: the Rooster '52 has a telecaster style body, the Rooster '55 is LP inspired and the Rooster '57 has a double cutaway strat style body.

Source: Red Rooster Guitars website (12 June 2019)


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