Rees Rambler

  • Rees Rambler travel guitar, oriented approximately 20 degrees
    Rees Rambler travel guitar


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  • electric guitars

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The Rees Rambler is a travel guitar. It has a full size neck (25.5 inch scale), but the smaller body (with no wasted space behind the bridge) and compact 3-a-side headstock mean it is small enough to fit into aeroplane lockers. The double cut-away korina body is finished in silk nitrocellulose with an extended upper horn to help balance.  The maple neck has a side adjustable double truss rod, pau ferro fingerboard and Fender LSR roller nut.

Pickups are  Seymour Duncan vintage P90s amplifier and speakers on stage, or works perfectly with new battery powered micro amps and headphones. Clive Rees has designed the Rambler with recessed controls, to protect them from damage in transit. There is a volume control for each pickup, and a master tone control. There is no pickup selector switch.

Even if you don't need a travel guitar, a compact instrument will always make you look bigger and might dissuade a disgruntled audience member from beating you up.

The Rambler is made in the UK, and retails for £575 (summer 2008).


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