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Rickenbacker only made five 4003/5 model five-string basses. It was a prototype for the 4003/S5 model.


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1999$385excellentScott NewkirkI just happened to see this in a pawn shop in Wichita Kansas. It wasn't in the blue book so the owner didn't know how to price it. I got lucky, lucky, lucky. I knew it looked odd with the maple fingerboard but I've always been a sucker for Ricky basses and 5 strings had to have it. It wasn't until years later that I found out what I had. I ended up talking to the production shop manager, again I got lucky, who told me he remembered making 5 of these as a proof of concept for a 5 string. It has a maple fingerboard because that's what they had laying around. Same with the dot markers. I wish it had the standard fingerboard like my other Ricky's but to find out I actually found a prototype in a pawn shop and got it for essentially nothing is the icing on the cake. Once I discovered it was a prototype it is no longer my daily player... Scott

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