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  • Saxon 825 acoustic guitar
    Saxon 825 acoustic guitar


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The Saxon 825 model was a dreanought acoustic with a three-piece maple and jacaranda back. The Saxon 825 was reviewed in International Musician & Recording World magazine in April 1975   as follows:

Despite the jumbo tag, the Saxon 825 does not belong to that unwieldy monster breed which is so difficult to play. It is a jumbo in that it's larger than the average steel-strung acoustic, but it's comfortable to play and still produces more volume than most acoustics.

The choice of woods in the instrument is fairly conventional. Selected spruce for the sound board, 1/8 in. thick nato neck (maximum thickness 7/8 in.) Rosewood fingerboard 1¾ in. wide at first fret, 2 in wide at the 12th, solid jacaranda sides and back with a maple inset for decoration on the back. The bridge is solid rosewood 6 5/16 in. wide by 5/16 in. thick. The head is veneered with jacaranda and the neck is one piece nato.

The neck had 20 frets although the last five are virtually unplayable and they're well fitted and smooth (with the exception of one fret which was a fraction rough). The bridge piece and nut are plastic as are the retaining pegs and the scratch plate is also in black plastic.

There are mother-of-pearl type position markers on seven frets, third, fifth, seventh, ninth, twelfth, fifteenth and seventeenth, and these are repeated in black dots along the side of the fingerboard.

Most people like the sound of the guitar when they were offered it to try but they didn't like the play action very much. As supplied, the lowest action obtainable was particularly low, but of course, lowering it to electric standards would reduce the volume. At the 12th fret on the 6th string, the action was 3/16 in. from the fingerboard, the first string 1/8 in. from the fingerboard. The strings supplied with the guitar were particularly stiff and unyielding and a change of string to a medium gauge acoustic string made the world of difference on the instrument

Specifications (6)


Body back materialjacaranda body back, maple body back
Body sides materialjacaranda body sides
Body styledreadnought-size body
Body top materialspruce body top


Body fretNeck joins body at 14th fret
Neck materialmahogany neck

Prices (5)

1975£50excellentAndyHad the guitar for 45 years. She is in great condition and sounds and plays well.
1982£00000excellentTerrenceI cant remember what i paid for it. Never played more than an overall time of about 24hrs since purchase
1974£45goodOne of the first two in the country bought from Take 5 on Shaftesbury Ave. Wonderful guitar that got better and better the more it was played. Stolen a couple of years ago and would still love to find another.

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