Seymour Duncan '78 Model

  • Seymour Duncan '78 model humbucker


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  • Humbuckers

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The Seymour Duncan ‘78 Model humbucker is based on the P.A.F. humbucker that Seymour Duncan rewound for Eddie Van Halen in 1978. Van Halen wanted a hotter pickup to help give his artificial harmonics that extra squeal. The '78 model is loaded with an Alnico 2 magnet and wound to the same hot specs as Eddies original P.A.F. rewind. The ‘78’s magnet and output combination lends itself to a warm crunch with biting leads and would suit players looking for a classic hard rock rhythm crunch, articulate picked harmonics for tapped solos and tremolo acrobatics.


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Finish colorsblack finish, white finish, zebra colors
Made inUSA

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