Shadow SH-075 guitar to midi convertor

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Shadow SH 075 guitar to midi convertor advert

in the mid 1980s synthesizer music was hugely popular - think Harold Faltermeyer's Roland Jupiter-8 driven  "Axel F". This drove a period of innovation for dedicated guitar based synth controllers, like Synthaxe and Stepp - but also guitar to midi convertors like this Shadow SH-075. The SH-075 is a quick mount guitar-to-midi convertor - deisgned to attach to an electric guitar. It comprises four parts: a six-pole, thin pickup which picks up all six strings separately, the converter, which is also the control unit, a small junction box with a MIDI output socket, and an external power supply which provides the low voltage to drive the system. The pickup attaches to the guitar as close to the bridge as possible, while the convert is fixed via the strap peg on the end of the guitar body. Using a pitchtracking system, the convertor unit processes the output from each section of the pickup, extracts the fundamental pitch from the harmonics and then converts the pitch to MIDI information. The SH-075 sold for £350 but you needed to combine it with a synthesizer - Shadow sold an SH22 unit for £325 - making this the most affordable guitar synthesizer setup at the time.

"SHADOW ELECTRONICS Development of ultramodern Micro-Electronic Technology has enabled the Production of the SH 075 Guitar to Midi Converter. The SHADOW®SH 075 is currently the smallest, most sophisticated and least expensive - GTM Converter available.It offers perfect Tracking with simple Logic Controls combined with quick and easy Installation to your own Guitar. It triggers any Midi Synthesizer and functions in Poly or Mono Mode with Trigger or Pitch (string) Bend Mode, can transpose 3 Octaves up or down and changes Sounds directly all at a touch of a Button.Individual String Sensitivity is adjustable and the unit also incorporates Synthesizer Volume Control and inbuilt Guitar Tuner, Your own Guitar Sound is totally unaffected and can only be enhanced by the endless Sound Variations now at your Fingertips. | Checkout the latest SHADOW® Products now! You won't be disappointed."