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  • acoustic guitars

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1994 to 1996

Production of the FD-16M began in 1994 and ended in 1996


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2011$100.00excellentJamieThis guitar is awesome! It has a beautiful tone and chimes on every fret. Holds tune well and the action is perfect all the way down. I'm very pleased.
2009$50excellentStevie From a friend who's uncle left many guitars after passing
2013$50excellentMackayIn great condition, I mostly bought it for the name: 'Martin'. It lives up to it, and has a beautiful sound. Stays in-tune, and the fret dots are beautiful.
2005$650goodMarkBest one of sounding guitars I own stacks up against my other players including taylor, tacoma, and Gibson. Great action LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG sustain!!! Killer tone.
2016$465excellentI got the seller down from the 600 he was originally asking. But it would have definitely been worth the 600 and possibly even more. Killer action and tone. Total martin sound.
2016$375excellentBest of the sigma series I have owned a sigma DM-18 sigma DR-3 and Sigma D-10 this one is definatly the best. Rare model only a few thousand ever made, as I recall. You see one for sale don't pass it up!!!
2001$475goodBryanI really like the tone. Bought for the martin name. Not a real martin sadly but sounds good for the money
2009$250goodJeannice beater Guitar. Does the job
2009$300newlove the tone!

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SIGMA FD-16M reviewed by Anonymous

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Man I love this guitar!! Total martin sound. Deep bass and sustain. Best action I have on any guitar. Granted I don't own any big players as far as guitars go But this one is a keeper. Bought In pawn shop years ago. Been in love with it ever since. My go to guitar for acoustic gigs!!!

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