Sundown Ad 1985

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Sundown Amplifiers 1985 advert

This Sundown advert appeared in Guitar Player in January 1985. The text reads:

"You can put power and versatility in one amplifier! Sundown Amplifiers deliver clean sounds with punch and sizzle and overdrive sounds from subtle to earth-shaking. And all of these sounds are available at low “studio levels” and extremely loud performance levels, without compromising sound quality. If you are looking for your next amp, or if your present amp isn’t delivering everything you need, you owe it to yourself to check out Sundown.

The SD1012C is a 100-Watt combo amp with two switch-able channels (with individual EQ) and a single 12” EVM speaker. the unique “back—end" control creates new realms of overdrive, especially when combined with preamp overdrive and the specially designed EQ section. the RMS control lets you adjust the actual power output of the amp from 10 to 100 Watts. the SD1012C provides two effects loops, one for each channel, so effects switching may be combined with channel switching. Also included are a Presence control, a professional Accutronics reverb system, and foot switch for channel switching. the SD1012C Sundown power and versatility in a professional format.

The SD1000H is the “head” version of the SD1012C combo. this 100-Watt power pack can be used with virtually any type of speaker system, handling loads down to 4 ohms with ease. the SD1000H retains all of the features and the  uncompromising quality of the SD1012C combo. If you are looking for the ultimate for your speaker system, look into the Sundown SD1000H.

The SD412 is a professional quality, 200—Watt speaker system utilizing 4 12” Celestion 12550 speakers. the slanted straight baffle design of the SD44 2 provides superior  driver coupling and sound dispersion. the heavy—duty construction prevents unwanted cabinet resonances at high output levels. The SD412 is covered in high quality Tolex and is outfitted with heavy-duty hardware, including recessed handles, for years of rugged use."