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Portland Guitar

Portland Guitar specializes in fine handmade acoustic and acoustic electric guitars. It is a father-son operation comprised of Jay and Max Dickinson. Jay makes the guitars while Max runs operations. Jay is a lifelong mechanical engineer and wood worker who has been making guitars full time since 2005. Portland Guitar are focused on bringing playability, musicality and longevity to thier instruments. Their guitars feature innovations and inventions such as a split saddle nut is used to improve intonation and an easily adjustable cantilever neck which allows for the action to be changed. Unique art is used inside and for the purfling. Check out what they have to offer. 

Source: Portland Guitar website (18 June 2020)

Conde de Paz

Conde de paz is a luthier based in Illescas, Toledo, Spain who makes classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitars as well as violins. Offers artisanal construction in which modern technological processes are mixed with traditional manufacturing techniques and the customer can choose wood, hardware and finish.


Ralph Arrenbie describes the history of Arrenbie Guitars founded in 2006:

"When I was 12 years old I started playing the guitar. Little did I know that this instrument would take me on the greatest adventure in my life. Not only did it bring me joy and comfort, through the guitar I met my wife! She came to one of my guitar lessons.... The rest is history.

When I turned 30 I discovered that guitars could be made by hand. Before, I thought that every guitar was factory made and something you bought in a music shop.

I became a student at the CMB (Centre for musical instrument building. Puurs Belgium) and there I developed another passion: wood! So, building instruments is a combination of two passions!


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