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Clay Conner has been building and repairing all types of instruments since 1996. He learned his trade by apprenticeship, first at Hamer guitars and later for innovative West Coast luthier, Ralph Novak. He formed Clay Conner Guitars in 2005 to explore his own designs. In November of 2009 he relocated to Raleigh, NC to join the crew at Guru Guitars.  He currently handles repairs for Guru Guitars and builds custom instruments.

Clément Rossat

Clément Rossat is a guitar maker in Vienne - near Valence and Lyon. Clément Rossat studied guitar at the Bourgoin-Jallieu conservatory and then at the National School of Music in Villeurbanne (ENM). At the same time he began to think about becoming a luthier. After some internships with luthier he joined Philippe Berne's workshop in 2011 through the Regional Institute for Art Trades and Contemporary Creation. Now living in Vienne he makes and repairs acoustic and electric guitars.

Benoît Lavoie

Benoît Lavoie is a Canadian luthier who specialises in archtop and flat top acoustic guitars. Beyond their aesthetic refinement, his instruments offer the musician a truly unique blend of acoustic balance and power. He strives for a consistently high sound quality in every instrument he makes - using an advanced acoustic analysis system he has developed in partnership with a company specializing in acoustic measurement.  One thing that underlines Benoît’s craft is how he chooses to blend tonewoods, sometimes treading the classical route, sometimes experimenting with bold modern combinations. The delicate and simple ornamentations and his meticulous attention to details help bring out beauty and uniqueness of the wood. Although his work is based on the great stringed-instrument making tradition, he constantly seeks to redefine his approach so as to achieve the ultimate sound quality of the instrument.


Gabriele Ballabio is an Italian luthier who started out working as a sound assistant at Carimate's Lark Recording Studio. He trained as a cabinetmaker and then as a master luthier and bowmaker at the Gubbio luthiery school studying with M. Ildebrando and S. Guerriero (where he then worked as a teacher for the following 4 years). In 1997 he opened his luthiery workshop for the repair and the restoration and construction of classical bowed instruments and guitars. His passion for the guitar led him to specialize in the construction techniques of this instrument - under the guidance of Maestro G. Giussani. Today he offers his own personal guitar models: classical, archtop, flat top, electric, acoustic and bass. He also offers replicas of historical models.


Antoine Prabel is a luthier who set up his own workshop in 2010 in the Rhône, halfway between Lyon and Villefranche / Saône, in Saint Germain au Mont d'Or. This is where he makes acoustic, classical and electric guitars, some models of which are available for trial and sale. He also offers services in repairs and set-ups.


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