TAKAMINE NP-18C reviewed by DP

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I own the NP18C which I bought it new in 1990, so 22 years and counting. Mine has the spruce top and rosewood. Some later models had a cedar top but the early ones were all solid spruce. This is a great guitar, with excellent sound and tough as nails. It has traveled and lived with me from the cold east coast of Canada to the hot humidity of Atlanta, GA, and is now living for the second time in Sweden. While I have cared for it fairly well over the years, it has not been babied and I have to admit I have not been perfect with the humidifiers although I try. But it does stay in the case when not in use. Through all of this, no cracks just a couple of small bumps that I caused. The natural finish ages beautifully and today it is a honey yellowish tone, with some shine on the natural finish from years of wear. I own a few guitars, some more expensive and some not, but if I could only have one the Tak would would be it. I see these come up on ebay from time to time at a great price. I paid $950 at a "midnight madness sale" in 1990. If you are looking for a good, sturdy guitar that is great at parties, then I recommend one if you can find it.