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  • acoustic guitars

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1992 to 1999

The EN-20 was made between 1992 and 1999.


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1993899 IEP goodBrian

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TAKAMINE EN-20 reviewed by Joss

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This is a wonderful guitar, I traded a Jumbo Gretch for this. I have a G330 Takamine and whenever I played it after the Gretch it made me realise I had made a mistake in the purchase. The Tak G330 just blew it away on resonance and feel. I tried the EN20 and it was love at first pluck! The sound is warm and you just want to play it. Great action, good base and very loud. My kids love to hear this guitar played, quite surprised by this as they have never expressed any previous emotion when playing the Gretch. This is the most expensive guitar I have bought at £400.00 but it is worth every penny. After playing the EN20 I can honestly say I would never want another guitar. It is the most inspiring of instuments.

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Date of Manufacture

I have a brochure for this model copyrighted '1992', which would predate the site's stated date of manufacture as 1999.