Weird sound generator guitar


Dan Wagoner modified his first guitar (a Fender stratocaster) to include a weird sound generator analogue synth. The synth control knobs protrude from a hand made pick guard made from a motherboard. Three switches have been mounted in the fingerboard. This instrument liberates the synth player, allowing them to assume outrageous poses previously reserved for guitarists. The downside is there are no strings.

Link: Dan-Wagoner Guitar Synth Mod.

ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special

ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special Electric guitar

The ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special is a custom series instrument, not on general sale.The body is alder with cast material used for the whacky appendages. The short scale neck is maple with a 22 fret ebony fingerboard and a carbon nut. The body is a mosaic of various themed areas, a rhinestone white fabric area, a three eyeball locust genetic experiment and a real Samurai sword (which can be drawn and wielded if things start going wrong at e open mic night).

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The Hoverbucker is a creation of Ronnie Hinton and Daniel Diaz Brauch which started out as a Squier Bullet stratocaster . They took the middle pickup and mounted it over the neck pickup, to give a sound like a humbucker. It is mounted upside down, with the top facing the strings. I don't know what the phase relationship with the neck pickup would be: the middle pickup is usually wound out of phase with the neck, but by mounting it like this the signals from the pickups would be exactly out of phase too.

Giant metal guitar


Mike Shubic worked in marketing for 16 years, then one day he decided to quit the day job to make and sell outdoor sculptures. This giant guitar is one of his creations: it measures 12 feet by 4 feet (although he can make it to any size). It is made from metal, and Mike says it can actually be played. It is still available for sale for $6500.

The Alumitar


The Alumitar was created by Paul Rubenstein. Imagine a guitar neck with no back, the curve of the fretboard going all the way around, now take away the frets and you have the Alumitar. It looks like it is made from an aluminium tube, it has 10 strings evenly spaced around the outside of the tube.



The birdfish is an extrodinary instrument, representing a fresh look a guitar design. It is perhaps one of the most adjustable designs out there, you can tweak almost anything about the design: the components are bolted onto a central metal frame and can easily be swapped. On this guitar you can change the pickups without even having to take the strings off!

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Wreck-N-Roll is a small custom builder making unusual upright basses since the mid 1990s. The basses use motorcycle gas-tanks for the bodies. Some have flashing headlights.

Their basses have been played by the following Californian bands: Buddys Riot, Green Means Go, Lee Maverick bandand NickelAliens.

The Swiss Army Bass


This is the musical equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife (the knife with a blade or tool for every occasion). It is the child of an unnatural coupling between an Ibanez destroyer 2 bass and a Yamaha KX-5 midi controller keyboard during the early 90s (those were crazy times - we all did things we would rather forget).

Football Helmet Guitar


NEO products unveiled this football helmet shaped guitar at NAMM 2008. The body of the guitar is basswood, the neck maple and the fingerboard is rosewood. It has a single humbucker with volume and tone controls. The bridge is fixed. It has a built-in amplifier with a 2.5" speaker so you can take it along to the game. It comes in 12 colors, so you should be able to match your favourite team (especially if you customise it with a decal of your team logo).The face mask is removable and you can interchange any of the 5 included face masks.

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ESP ANGEL SWORD custom guitar made for Takamizawa

This guitar was custom made by ESP for Takamizawa, the guitar player from Japanese rock band The Alfee. It has a Steinberger style bridge with tuners. Single humbucking pickup, marked Takamizawa custom. Carved bird/angel shaped body. Headless bolt-on neck is shaped to look like a sword, and has a locking nut. An inscription in the sword handle reads "20th Anniversary. The Alfee. Since 1972 - '93".  This suggests it was made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the band formed by Takamizawa and 3 friends.

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The Basone Smoker's Delight is a custom guitar, with a cannabis leaf shaped bookmatched quilted maple body. Scale length is 25.5 inches. The bolt on neck is one piece maple, with 23 fret ebony fingerboard. It has an abalone cannabis leaf inlay on the first fret and a joint inlaid at the 12th fret. Headstock veneer and cavity covers are made from koa. Finish is emerald green. The single humbucker pickup is controlled by one volume, one tone and a kill switch.

Recommended price is $3000 Canadian dollars.

Photo is from

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Concrete guitar


I found this one while browsing Guitar Blog , a fertile source for lovers of weird and bizarre guitars. This is a one-off concrete bodied guitar made by Parker Sloan. He made the body himself, by casting the body in a mold. The neck and other parts are from Warmoth. The whole thing weighs 7.5 lbs. Parker is pleased with the tone, a unique sound with surpirsing resonance.

Manzer Pikasso I


The Pikasso I, is a custom-made instrument created for Pat Methney by Linda Manzer. It has 42-strings and three necks. Its name is inspired by the paintings of Pablo Picasso, where multiple views of objects overlap simultaneously in the cubist style.

It can be heard on Methney's recording of "Into the Dream" and on the albums Quartet, Imaginary Day, Jim Hall & Pat Metheny, Trio->Live, and Metheny Mehldau Quartet, his 2007 second collaboration with pianist Brad Mehldau. The guitar can also be seen on the Speaking of Now Live and Imaginary Day DVDs.

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This is a striking 2 string fretless bass from Atlansia. It would make a good travel instrument as it folds to only 8cm wide by 6.5cm thick (although it is 101 cm long). The body and neck are a single piece of maple, with a folding maple strap supporter.

The hardware is innovative, as you would expect with an instrument from N. Hayashi. The string nut is a Hayashi patented adjustable type, the bass has combined tailpiece+tuners (see photo) desigined by Wilkson and Hayashi. The pickups are ATLANSIA ARSX2, individual click and turn pickups that go in like a lightbulb.   

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Alesis AirFX guitar


This video shows how Carlos Vamos incorporated an Alesis AirFX into a specially designed guitar body. The AirFX is an effects unit that connects to any line-level sound source. You control the effects unit by moving you hand over the black circular bit ( which senses the movement of your hand within an invisible 3D sphere). You can move in any direction to modify the effect number of ways. OK, so you could do this with a foot pedal but where's the fun in that?


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