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The Vega V-446 was a Martin dreadnought shaped acoustic guitar. Solid German spruce top. Identical to the V-445 except for the shaded finish on the top. Mahogany neck, back and sides. East Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Kolb enclosed tuning machines. Cost £170.00 when new in 1977.


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1985£69goodTop finish is crazed/cracked - apparently a whole consignment had been stored at the wrong temperature causing the tops to crack.
1987£80goodJeffOverall not a bad guitar, build quality is fine, it’s very playable and it is also a little piece of Martin history. Ratings: Condition 8/10 Sound without amp 7/10 Feel and playability 8/10

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Vega V446

I recently bought an (extremely) second hand Vega V446, basically paid a few quid over its probable value, as the money was to help out a mate. I definitely have enough guitars, but the trade seemed to work all round.

Neck broken at heel and reset at some point in its life, and I think in the process the truss rod end got loose from the moorings, so the neck relief is unadjustable.

I have a gammy little finger, so the action on purchase was unplayable, I need acoustic guitars set low, on 11’s.

It sat around for a few months and today I went as low as I dare on the saddle, and refitted/ recut / lowered the nut - replacing the original nut as it was fairly knackered and badly cut.

Now we’re in business - very playable, loud guitar... tone is piano clear and quite lovely. I won’t be selling it - one because I think it has real utility now, and two because of the overall condition... looks like it’s been used as a toboggan or a bat.

Cracking noise, lots of mojo...