VOX Super Ace

  • Vox Super Ace (second generation) electric guitar


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  • electric guitars

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1961 to 1966

The Super Ace was made between 1961 and 1966. The first version of the Vox Super Ace guitar had the same body and neck as the Vox Soloist and Ace models, but had three single coil Vox V1 pickups. The neck was sycamore with rosewood fretboard. These early Super Aces had Vox DeLuxe tremolos and pearloid pickguards. Early Vox guitars (including the Super Ace model) were made in England

The second version of the Vox Super Ace was introduced in 1963 and made until 1966. The design of these later Super Aces more closely resembled the Fender Stratocaster. The pickups on this version were three single coil Vox VII pickups with plastic covers and exposed pole pieces

Source: Vox Showroom

Specifications (14)


Tone controls2 tone controls
Volume controls1 volume control
Pickup selector controls1 pickup selector switch


Pickups configuration3 single coil pickups


Finish colorsblue finish, red finish, white finish
Finish effectssunburst finish
Made inUK
Number of strings6 strings


Body shape featuresdouble cutaway
Body styleStratocaster style
Pickguard materialwhite pickguard


Hardware colorchrome hardware


Neck jointbolt on neck
Tuner layoutsix-in-a-row tuners

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