Wandre Brigitte Bardot


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  • electric guitars

Dates of manufacture: 

1957 to 1961

The Brigitte Bardot was one of Wandré's first guitars, the very earliest examples were purely acoustic models. By the late 1950s Wandré was using the Bridget Bardot shape for luxury hollow bodied electric guitars with two f-holes model, bound body, aluminium neck (with plastic coated heastock) and a plastic coated headstock. Some examples have oil painted or custom candle smoked finishes. The Brigitte Bardot shape was used for the later Polyphon solid-body electric.

Information and pictures over at fetishguitars.com show a great deal of variation in the Bridget Bardot models in terms of controls, finishes, headstocks, inlays and so on. The later second generation Brigitte Bardots were mostly made for export and had some consistent differences to first model. They had a single f-hole, a straight edged pickguard, no binding, controls were mounted on a rectangular plate. They often had a slotted headstock.

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