Wandre Brigitte Bardot #unknown

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Photos from online auction April 2010


Unknown Belgian Owner

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The Brigitte Bardot model was one of Wandré's first guitar designs -originally made as an acoustic model and then a luxury hollow-bodied electric. This example is a probably later version, since it has only one f-hole and the rectangular control plate.  However it also has some features not typically seen on the second generation models- the body is bound and the aluminium neck is the early style with fancy inlays. It also has some non-original parts: some machine heads have been changed and the control plate and controls don't seem to match the guitar - they have K for Krundaal on them.

From pictures on www.fetishguitars.com you can see a lot of variations in the Brigitte Bardot models, so this was the norm for Wandré models.

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