Wandré Tri-Lam #unknown


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Photos from online auction April /May 2010

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This body style was one of Wandrè’s most popular models, though the name Tri-lam was never used officially or by distributors. The Tri-Lam refers to the type of laminate used for the body. This model was also distributed albeit with minor variations as the Teenager and Blue Jeans Major model. This one has had a quirky spray job, most likely original.

It also has some minor damage - some of the body binding is missing. Photo number three is a good illustration of Wandre's unusal neck mounting mechanism. The aluminium neck is mounted on the top of the guitar on a pivot, you can adjust the neck angle by turning the screw on the back of the guitar! The headstock is a bit of a let down, given the great body shape. The flat plate of aluminium looks unfinished to me and the tuners look cheap.