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  • acoustic guitars

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1987 to 1991

The D14 was a budget dreadnought style acoustic guitar. Manufacture started sometime in the 1980s (possibly 1988?) but the D14 was discontinued by 1992.  It used laminates thoughout, although there was a Limited Edition solid top model.

It had a spruce top adorned with a tortoise-shell effect pickguard and three-ply body binding. Back and sides were rosewood. The mahogany neck had 20-frets and a rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays for position markers. The bridge was rosewood  with pearl dot white pins. The tuners were chrome and the finish was natural or tobacco sunburst (D14-TS).


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1993$265newLisa Vetitoe
1988$85goodjimboD 14-TS ser# 8811048 solid top tobacco burst. nice ringing tones. i've been playing 40+ years. have vintage gibsons etc. too $$$ for everyday players. washburn can't be beat at this price.
1992$500excellentProbably overpaid back then, but I was in a relatively remote location. Well worth that now and more.
1990$117.00newdennisIt was new, factory refurbished. Had it for 25 years, does not sound as good as my Taylor but love how it plays.
2015$45wornbought with case at garage sale. upbow to the neck with divets in fretboard in the D and Bm positions, some scuffs on the body, bridge sanded down, needing replacement
1982$177newDanBought brand new in 1982. $177 with case and tax. Still have receipt.
2012$125goodD. KeefeBought on craigslist in Sept. 2012 (at the moment it's Feb. 2016). It was in a cardboard case. The strings were poorly wound and one of the tuner screw holes was stripped which made the peg wobble when it was turned. So I got to learn how to fix that: I used slivers from a toothpick and a tiny drop of wood glue to shim the hole. That worked. I've never babied it and so it has a few scars, which I kinda like. Its value is only sentimental, but I'm going to spend a couple hundred on it this week: It's getting a professional setup, bone nut and compensated saddle, and a hard shell case. I'm excited!
2017$105goodBought it at a Santa Cruz flea market, came with a case and a strap, has a Two Shilling Coin glued to the body.
2016$175.00excellentalso nice hard shell case
2001$200good? ?

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