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  • acoustic guitars

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Dates of manufacture: 

1999 to 2000

Production of the D15S began in 1999 and ended in 2000


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1999$365.00newKim LydensStill have. It's worth more to me then what I ever will get paid for it. Knocked off the plastic nut and saddle and replaced it with bone when I first got it.It's loud and sustains great! I've tried Seagull's, And Martin's (which I think you pay the big dollar for the sticker on the headstock.) they didn't compare. For Bluegrass I think the D-15s work's Great.I learned from old Bluegrass player's to yell in the guitar and that will tell you how good the top will resonate. Yes, I would buy it again. Remember people buy Martins because their Martins even if another guitar sounds better. Martin isn't the company they use to be. Now their made of sawdust and glue (particel board) and built in Mexico.Sad isn't it for the American Guitar Icon it was?

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