• Washburn EA36


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  • acoustic guitars

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Manufacture of the EA36 MARQUEE (EA46) began in 1998


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19931300 DEM newDetlef PaulGreat workmanship, flexibility, two ouputs, xlr + 6,35 mm Output, either direct into a mixing console and / or amp, or both at the same time, good for different sounds. I`m not going to sell it
1994$1350newChristopher DCould be one of the most under-valued models out there. I sold the original I had for $500. Finally was able to buy another in December of 2017. With a shaved saddle the action is fast and the rosewood neck is just so darned comfy. To each his own but I've played high end acoustic Gibsons, Taylors and Takamines that didn't play like this beauty. The second EA36 I bought in 2017 for $460 US felt literally exactly the other (which I spent seven years playing). Workmanship is amazing. Materials are amazing. The Grover tuners don't lose tune at all/unnoticeable. Electronics in the 'plugin' area have problems here and there but you'll want this unit for it's 'unplugged' sound anyway. Highly recommended for acoustic enthusiasts who enjoy lead guitar playing as well.
1995$750excellentK.D. AllenI traded a used Les Paul Studio (Black Beauty version) for my EA36. I also received a Fender Tube Amp (don't remember the model) and a hard case. I also was paid $500 to complete the trade. The EA36 was a demo and had one small place on the side where there was a 1" crack in the acrylic lacquer coating. The EA36 is a beautiful guitar with birds eye maple on top, sides and back. The mahogany neck is great to "fly the frets" on. It's is okay unplugged but it was never made for that purpose. It was designed to play plugged in and turned up. The Equis2 electronics will give you a fair amount of sound difference but plugged into a Fishman Amp with effects it will rock!

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