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  • acoustic guitars

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1997 to 1999

The Washburn RR150 (Red Rocker 150) was made between 1997 and 1999. This acoustic electric guitar was endorsed by Sammy Hagar. Although at first glance it looks like a single cutaway solid-body electric with two humbuckers it has an acoustic bridge with Fishman piezo system. The hollow body and dual output jacks (one for the humbuckers and one for the piezos) mean you can quickly switch between electric and acoustic sounds, and even blend the two as there are separate volume controls for the humbuckers and Fishman system.


Prices (7)

2010$400good its red; love the action easy to play
1999$999excellentDStill sits in the case
2009$200excellentJohnMine was bought at Guitar Center is red and is signed by Sammy himself in gold lettering and original case. GC sold it to me for $200 as no one had expressed an intrest in it-I got a super deal and it is "NOT" for sale!
2014$200goodWould sell if posible
1999$900newDuanteI rarely play it, it sounds and looks amazing - not for sale

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