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The first MG44 was produced by WASHBURN in 1994


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WASHBURN MG44 reviewed by Mike 270

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MG 44's were made 1992-93 only, they have a HSH set up with a Washburn under licence 600s Floyd Rose Trem and locking nut. heavily advertised when new as a Strat alternative with Michael Angelo Batio from Nitro appearing in magazine adverts and also in video adverts(youtube). I have an antique sunburst model (not an option in 1992-3!!!!) so it could be rare, plays fantastic no issues at all. Also have a MG20 HSS normal Wilkinson style trem alternative for Blues sets.

WASHBURN MG44 reviewed by mike270

Average: 4 (1 vote)
Owned one for a few months now, starting to really love it. Every time I play it I seem to find a better/cooler way of playing it, I have played Gibsons and Fender Strats and it does produce a very similar quality sound but then you really push it and it makes its own sound I think more gritty/earthier. And the best part I picked mine up for £50.00, total madness this is worth £500.00 in comparison to the others. To finish mine is 20 years old with total original stock gear and it is still as good as new

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