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WASHBURN made the first MG72 in 1994


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WASHBURN MG72 reviewed by Liam Cooper

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A friend of my family gave me an MG-72 about 6 years ago, I was 15 at the time and just getting started playing guitar. I never didn't play it as it was not what I wanted. I only wanted to play a Gibson Les Paul. My parents could not afford a Les Paul, so I purchased a very cheap 'look a like' epiphone. This thing costs maybe $100 it is awful. But I didn't care because it looked like a Les Paul. I stopped playing for a couple of years because I got a bit bored and I had started to realise that the Epiphone was dreadful and it didn't inspire me to play. By this point in my life (19-20) I had forgotten about the Washburn until my mother and father reminded me about it and said to me that they had kept it in the garage. I remember picking it up and fully appreciating its beauty, it's charming purple body and it's smooth maple kneck. The rosewood fret board felt soft and sleek. I was so naive and stupid to neglect such an elegant and beautiful guitar. I've been playing (Cara) for about a year now and I'm still get chills when ever I make her scream and sing. I would recommend an MG-72 to anybody. Especially those whom are at a intermediate/advanced level and appreciates the finer details. Summary - out of 10 Overall Design - 9 Sound - 8 Playability - 10. Durability - look after it. Value for money - mine was free but I'd say if you want something that will put a smile on your face whenever you pick it up or just look at it and appreciate beauty, is there really a price tag to high for that ? Plus these things are like $400 so it's ducking worth it. Overall score out of 10 - buy it.

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