• Yamaha FG401


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  • acoustic guitars

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1994 to 1997

YAMAHA produced the FG401 between 1994 and 1997. The FG401 was a large bodied dreadnought with a well balanced tone and excellent sound projection.


Prices (21)

2014$125.00goodbeautiful guitar
19961000 FIM new
2015£35goodfound on eBay, got lucky bidding, great instrument for price, loud, clean sound, stays in tune, way better than new Epiphones, Fenders, Corts, year of production: 1996
2018$0goodChristianThe guitar has a k on inside beside fg401
2018$0goodChristianThe guitar has a k on inside beside fg401
1994$300.00newBobAfter 25 years of ownership, here's a shortened version of my opinions: Still beautiful to look at, rock solid build, loud & proud, balanced sound with bronze strings, harmonics galore, neck is arrow straight, stays in tune for weeks on end, cuts through the mix like a Boss, likely the ALL-TIME best bang for the buck acoustic known to mankind. NOTE: They were shipped with an unadjusted action. The bridge NEEDED to be custom filed by the end-user to fully appreciate this under-appreciated GEM.

Reviews (8)

YAMAHA FG401 reviewed by Dan M (UK)

Average: 5 (1 vote)
My first guitar at 50 years old! I always wanted to learn but thought I was too old but my cousin (a fine musician and talked me round). Bought mine for £50 from lady guitar teacher who said it was too cumbersome for her. I struggled a bit initially with the action being so high so a local luthier sorted it and replaced the strings and cleaned it up for £60. What a difference looks new, easier to play and such a fabulous sound. Even the luthier said it had a great sound. In 6 months I can actually play a few tunes. I will never ever sell it. If you find one get it set up.

YAMAHA FG401 reviewed by Phalanx Warfare

Average: 5 (1 vote)
These are the best sounding laminated top guitars you'll ever find.People just can't believe these are laminated tops; but they are not PLYWOOD at least in its normally understood meaning of today. I've had Gibson Hummingbirds, played Martin D28 stds and compared them blind to so called experts and they picked the 401 as best 4 out of 5 times.So pound for pound, and being profoundly sturdier and more weather stable for a 10th of the price, I prefer these over just about anything bar the Maton Messiahs and Martin OM and D scallop, right up to the about 2001 401 models where they went off the boil terribly. A dreadnought projection and sound that compares to the finest instruments of the kind but with a weather stable laminated belly all for 200 bucks US, whats not to like?

YAMAHA FG401 reviewed by Jeff man

Average: 5 (1 vote)
My wife bought me this guitar used in 1994 (when she was my girlfriend, wives usually don’t buy guitars ) the action got a bit high so i shaved the bridge down a bit and tweaked the truss rod ( for the first time). Now she plays so nice i can’t put her down. Went to guitar center thinking now I play acoustic so much I’d buy a new nicer one, I could not find one, for any price that I thought sounded better, never getting rid of this guitar!

YAMAHA FG401 reviewed by Arnault

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Great instrument, excels is much to the competitors in its category. Fine arms and vintage frets, impressive and balanced recordings. Anyone who is lucky enough to own one in good condition, preserve it. If well taken care of it goes decades only improving the sonority.

YAMAHA FG401 reviewed by Rodgerr

Average: 5 (1 vote)
This is a 5 star motherfucking instrument. I bought mine in a pawn shop in 2006 and after 11 years of wear and tear, this beast of an instrument has withstood even the most brutal beatings. I mean this bastard even got hit by a car, and hardly took any damage. Rain, falls, pick damage, and such much more. It just sounds better the more I abuse her. The action is just right, the neck is narrow enough for even the smallest of hands, and fits in your arms better than a newborn baby. It's got just enough junk in the trunk and a tiny waist. Practically the perfect snow bunny for singer-songwriters. It's just fucking sexy. I kid you not, people with gibsons, fenders, martins, and other top of the line names cannot put my guitar down. The balanced tone can bring out the subtlest of sounds, from warm, lush hearthrobbing lows to the most piercing, in your face highs highs. And don't even get me started about the mids on this fucker. She is a screamer than gets everyone's attention. In mixes. Jesus.....it just cuts through them, carving a pocket solely for itself. You can use it from a background instrument and even leads. Whatever you're looking for, this guitar has it. Even for acoustic bass lines. Not to mention the resonance on this whore is unbelievable!! Harmonics galore. I got it for $50 bucks, but even for $200 you just can't go wrong. I went and bought another one but I haven't even used it because my first just keeps getting better with age. From strumming, to chicken picking, to hammer ons and slap guitar, finger picking and much more experimental things, you just can't go wrong with the Yamaha FG-401. I know if I outlive this guitar, I would mourn it for the rest of my life until I eventually pass away. I wish I could show you pictures of her. But hopefully one day you'll take the chance of buying her and making your own memories with her sisters.

YAMAHA FG401 reviewed by guitar-list

Average: 3 (1 vote)
I have had this guitar for over 20 years (I ashamed to say this is my website but I have only just around to posting this review!) It sounds OK, but the action is too high - I'm going to sand down the underneath of the bridge saddle to bring the action down a bit. Well made and has stood up to rough handling over the years.

YAMAHA FG401 reviewed by Anonymous

Average: 3 (1 vote)
Bought used. The only defect was slightly high action. However, I can still play it well enough. I love the dark and loud tone. Overall quality is excellent. It has taken a beating but still looks and plays the same.

YAMAHA FG401 reviewed by Nicholas Burdette

Average: 4 (1 vote)
As a proud owner of my very own natural finish Yamaha FG-401 Acoustic, I know First hand this guitar is perfect for The Guitarist that doesn't want to sacrifice Sound, Tone, Playability or Quality due to your budget. With the Sound, Feel and Craftsmanship of an 600-800$ guitar, This 450$ retail value guitar with it's Superb Highs, Fat Lows and Beautiful Resonance that you can over play everyone else in the room. Yamaha tops it all off with Wonderful Durability and exotic woods. The FG Series is Definitely for the Guitarist that wants Professional Quality without going Broke or just the Guitar Connoisseur.

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