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  • acoustic guitars

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1998 to 2001

YAMAHA manufactured the FG432 S between 1998 and 2001


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YAMAHA FG432 S reviewed by Arthur Bond

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The Yamaha fg432s is quality instrument, I’ve had this guitar for almost 20years and played it most days in that time, it plays even better after all this time, the solid spruce top has toned down in colour to a lovely dark hue, I use Martin bronze wound strings, I find a very light string like 10s give a very bright sound, a heavier string will give a more bass sound, the action is very low, and with light gauge strings bending a string is easy for blues players, for the record I payed £330 1999 that was with a £30 discount, All in all this was a 5 star purchase, I can’t rate high enough.

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