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  • acoustic guitars

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1990 to 1996

The LD10E was made between 1990 and 1996


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2006$400excellentMarkGuitar in absolute immaculate condition....but unfortunately the electronics don't work...very hard to get parts.....Making it accoustic only

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YAMAHA LD10E reviewed by David

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I purchased my LD10E around the late 1990`s second hand for £650 in excellent condition, I tried several guitars in the shop including Takameni and other well known acoustics. The LD10E caught my attention on the first chord strum as the tone and timbre resonated through my body so warmly that i was instantly won over. The added discovery of the electrics was i thought at the time a nice added bonus. when i actually had the chance to plug the guitar into my amplifier i was tremendously impressed with the tone and also the versatility of the treble, bass and volume controls also the balance control to balance the tone between the bridge and the neck area ( all push in flush to the body). I have been even more impressed with the instruments electrics since I use it through my DAW interface for recording with Cubase. I find the truss rod easy to adjust as I have, on several occasions on using different gauge strings, I find .52 to .11 gauge strings absolutely heaven. the tone of the timber used is superb (as this was the reason i purchased the instrument in the first place and it improves with playing and age. I have never regretted purchasing this instrument and never imagine parting with it.

YAMAHA LD10E reviewed by Bubba McClary

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I played 22 guitars that didn't sound as good as this one before I bought it used from my son. Still my favorite guitar of all my guitars

YAMAHA LD10E reviewed by Anonymous

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I have this particular guitar, got it new many years ago and have always been very happy with it in every way, nice to handle, good clear sound.

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LD 10 E Yam.

I enjoy the "unpluged" sound & connected sound too, in fact both have never been surpassed (in my opinion), but the neck is far too fat for any skilfull playing (on my behalf).    I have used many types, cost range & makes of guitar, this is one of the best.

LD 10 E

Have had one as my main acoustic for last 15 years. An excellent guitar and played by Bert Jansch in his last years. It really does not have a 'fat' neck. Fairly slim with a shallow C profile. Solid top and ply rosewood back and sides work very well - in my opinion ply rosewood brightens the sound and shouldn't be considered as just a cheap option.

Yamaha LD10E

I will never quit playing this guitar. Mine has been through every touring situation in the world and still amazes me with its sound and playability. This is a 'secret weapon' any working player should have in their quiver.