• Yamaha SLG100N silent guitar
    Yamaha SLG100N silent guitar


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The Yamaha Silent Guitar (SLG100N) was first concieved as a practice or travel guitar. But it quickly caught on as a practical touring instrument for gigging musicans who needed a nylon string sound. It also has a cool modern appearance.

Not surprisingly, given its lack of a body, it produces hardly any sound when not plugged in (hence the silent guitar name). But plug in a pair of headphones (a pair are included) and you get a rich and full classical guitar tone from the custom-designed L.R. Baggs pickup system, and the B-Band EQ.  The electronics are powered by batteries or an included power supply.  It also has an auxilliary input jack to connect a CD or MP3 player for jamming.

The sidewings of the SLG100N's body and its lightweight body, mahogany neck and Rosewood fingerboard, break down quickly for easy transportation and are stored in a compact gig bag TThe Yamaha SLG100N is a silent guitar for anyone who needs to keep quiet in a dorm, apartment, condo or hotel room.


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