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1990 to 1994

The Yamaha BB200 was discontinued in 1994. This bass had an alder body with a 21-fret bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. Came in black, red, or white colors. Hardware was chrome with a Precision style pickup, and single volume and tone controls.


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2012$100goodRandyMissing the cover on the back side for electronics.
1994R500goodPaulwhat is it worth
2000$250wornAndres Sequea
2015$100goodToddI collect bb300 basses and came across this one on craigslist so I bought it. Nice bass. All the old 80s yamaha' s are. They don't make 'em like these anymore. Not at that price anyway.

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Ordered a bb200 and emg gzrp pickup set to replace original. Turns out it sounds so good, am keeping original. Great feel as well.

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Yamaha bb200

Great bass...solid construction..very playable...great quality bass at bargain price..

Truss rod key

Do you know the size of the truss rod nut for the BB200?

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What would be the period of manufacture?

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BB200 is a sweet axe for a very good price.

hey, new guy here.  i have 2 of these basses.  both in black.   seems they were made from 1990-1994.  super solid players and as another member said, they are super customizable.  so far ive kept the pickups original but had my tech change out the wiring and pots. also one now has a (currently discontinued) leo quan bad ass 2 bridge.  also had the capacitors changed out to something i canr remember the name of.  orange drop? i think?  tuning machines are both japanese fender P-bass style.  needed a slight bit of modifying to fit the headstock but my tech is a frickin wizard.  i absoultely love these basses and cant wait to get another.